What Culprit-Wheel Bearing,Drive Shaft,Suspension?

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I have an Indigo Diesel which has covered 1,66,000+kms.

Whenever I take U-Turns to the Right, there is some clicking Noise from the Front Left Corner of the car.

Also when the car runs over bumpy roads or speed breakers, the Front Left Suspension makes farting noise.

I have not replaced the Front Left--

    Wheel Bearing or Drive Shaft or Axle.

I changed the Shock Absorber Assembly at 85,000-90,000kms.

I dont think the Wheel Bearing or Suspsenion is the culprit since the Wheel Tread has not worn in uneven pattern (Wheel Alignment was done at 1,39,XXXkms).

Also, today I did the following --

1. Lifted the Front Left Wheel with Jack, turned the Steering all to the Right (since the clicking noise comes only while taking Right U-Turns) and rotated the wheel (FL). I heard some noise but not like the clicking noise mentioned in bracket. It was different than clicking. Again I tried this turning the Steering all to the Left. But no noise came.

2. Lifted the Front Right Wheel with Jack, turned the Steering all to the Left and rotated the wheel (FR). No noise came. Again I tried this turning the Steering all to the Right. Still no noise came.

Does this mean that Right Drive shaft is OK?

I am posting the pics of the Drive Shaft of Left Side and Right Side.


What is the Greasy substance on the Rubber Boot?


Is it Left Drive Shaft which is making

1. clicking noise while taking U-Turns to the Right,

2. Making Noise of farting while going over bumpy roads?

I have enquired about the Rates which are as follows--

1. Drive Shaft (Brand BKS) Rs.2500-3500/-. Aftermarket

    Drive Shaft (Telco)        Rs.4000-4200/-. TASC

2. Front Left Shock's Coil Spring (Separate) Rs. 1250/- Aftermarket (No warranty since only Coil Spring is purchased. Warranty applicable only to Complete Shock Absorber assembly)

3. (Complete) Front Shock Absorber Assembly Rs.6350/- (Pair). Aftermarket

What should I replace-- Left Drive shaft, Left Bearing, or both Shock Absorber Assemblies?sudeepd2009-07-04 08:09:57

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Yesterday I showed the car to a local garage. The mechanic TD it and told me that the Clicking Noise while Right U-Turns is coming from "Stub Axle Hub".

To make me understand, he showed me the Drive shaft of an 800 (which was present in his garage). He pointed to the end of the Drive shaft and said "The part which is covered with the Rubber boot needs replacement. That part costs around Rs.1200-1300/-. Complete Left Driver shaft costs Rs.2500/-".

Also he told me that the rubber boot does not come with the stub axle hub and needs to be bought separately.

So may be tomorrow I will get that part changed and will update the experience here.

BTW, Thank God that the Special License holders were not allowed to answer this Query. smiley36.gif

And I am Thankful to Anijog too for his help.

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I got the Left Drive Shaft Replaced. The clicking noise has disappeared. smiley17.gif Touchwood.

The Left Drive Shaft cost me Rs.3950/- + Labour Rs.250/- Total-Rs.4200/-


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