Please help...Maruti 800 1991 restoration


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My maruti 800 STD AC 1991 model is undergoing restoration work which includes complete patch and painting in a local gaurage. So, plz help me to get it done properly.

That guy not unbolting doors and dashboard saying its not required for patch & paint work. He patched rusting under the doors anyway. Should I insist for unbolting doors and refixing? what about it required to unbolt it for proper work?

I've asked to remove engine etc. for proper checking and painting of engine bay.

Please tell me what areas should I check & what r the works should I insist for to get it done properly?

He told me not to use dupond paint as its costly & my car is 91 model and I accepted it also. Please tell me which brand of paint should I go for and approx. cost. thanks in advance.

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What absolute nonsense.


If the Guy does not do as you tell him to, tell him you will tow the car out of his garage immidiately.


Tell him to remove he Dashboard and paint the insides too.


Then tell him to remove the engine and gearbox as well


And for gods sake, use Dupont 2K paints. I know they are a little bit more expensive, but its worth it!!


We go through atleast one restoration a year and we have been very happy with the results.


If you have any other specific problems, Do send me a PM!!
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Thanks for the help.

Is it necessary to unbolt the doors and refix after painting? Any problems if door r not unbolted?

Plz tell me the approx price difference of paint job using dupont and ordinary paint? That guy quoted 6-7K for normal paint and 10-11K for dupont, and painting not in heat chamber. plz help 
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The detailing of the painting is one's choice.

If the garage is good then getting the doors off and the dashboard removed should not be a problem, however there are wiring issues which later crop up after dismantling the dashboard and some thing or the other stops working, if you have the time to get the things reworked again and again then you can go with it.

How many years do you want to keep the car. If it's not more that 3 years then you can look at other paints, else only insist on DUpont.

Always good to save on some cash, Painting not in a enclosed area with fine spray guns will create "ORANGE PEEL" effect on the surface, but dust and such get removed on final cutting and polishing

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Thanks for the advise. Now, I finished patch & painting work in one gaurage in Cochin not MAS, and also replaced most of the body parts. The gaurage guy told me that he is using sandex paint with hardner so no need of clear coat. The total expense is as follows:

Patch work - 5000

full body painting(white) - 7000

Dismantling & assembling- 2000

Engine, gearbox removing & fixing for bonnet painting - 2000/-

Spare parts - 8000/-


Plz tell me if he charged reasonable...I'll post pictures soon..

The dashboard not painted as the guy told me the paint will peel off later so better not to paint. Is it true? If I do it in MASS approx. what will be the difference in quality & cost?

How much does it cost to replace full wiring kit at MASS for M800 Type-I (91) carb model?

Plz help.
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