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Performance of LPG/CNG cars

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Hi all,


I am curious about the performance drop of LPG/CNG powered cars.  I have noticed from the figures that the gas-powered car has a significant reduction in BHP and mileage.  Why is it so?  Will the gas affect the engine in the long run? I am under the impression that petrol powered engines are more durable and reliable.   



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I think it is typically 10-15% for LNG and 30-35% for CNG. Running on gas should not damage the engine.

Diesel engines are more highly stressed than petrol engines. Thus engines using a petrol block for diesel (which was not specifically engineered for the stresses of a diesel) will have a reduced life. A properly engineered diesel should not have this problem. Truck engines and the like last for  500,000+ km routinely.Merc Taxis in Europe which are almost invariably diesel seem to last forever..

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