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Review: Mitsubishi Canter LCV truck

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I had to move around some stuff from my apartment in Japan, so had to take a rental truck.Took it from Orix rent a car for 1 day ( you wont beleive the rate..approx 7000 INR for one day with insurance).

The canter is comparable to our Tata407 in size with payload if 1500kgs. Its not semi forward like the tata, but COE ( cab over engine). I would have preferred the Isuzu ELF , since I work for Isuzu, but they didnot have it in stock.


Its a million times removed from any truck in India comfortwise. you have to haul yourself into the cabin with the help of the well designed step and thoughtfully located grab handle. Flickt the key and a scant 1 sec for heater, fired it up. It was a turbodiesel, manual and the gearlever was positioned closeby, much like the i10. First is on dogleg,like the old sierra gearbox(but not necessarily needed unless you start form inclines). it was equipped with exhaust retarder, so the moment you lift of the throttle, it slows down.This reduces wear and tear on the brakes and it emits a pressure cooker like sound! It can be turned off by flicking the wiper lever. But because of this,the wiper has to be turned on like the maruti 800..very inconvinent in a drizzle.


The clutch was light (relatively) comparable to our ambassador. The rev limit is only 3500 rpm, but all the torque is low down and so getting off in 2nd gear is easy. The seating postion is just not a jacked up omni..Fortunatlety the steerign wheel was adjustable for rake...but drive it around for a couple of hours, and back pain sets in. Vibrations and noise are well under control, unless you floor it when the cooling fan and the turbo makes a racket.


Another horrible thing is the gearbox. Shifts are somewhat heavy (understandable). But its easy to engage reverse when you want first ( no reverse lock).. Fortunatley it had a reverse beeper so at least I knew.and sometimes when you downshift form 5th to 4th, you end up selecting 2nd an the whole truck slows down immidiatley...Ride..well, unladen its horribly bouncy on its leaf springs..but load it up a bit and it is ok.


The good thing is that it had airconditoining,a  stereo and power windows!!

The airconditoning worled beautifully and the insides felt van like not a its good. Handbrake was plced cnventionally like the omnis so it was good.


Overall a bouncy experience.. but still have a change and drive something hands on..but after all a truck is a truck...


Happy motoring all of you...

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