Fabia Vs Grande Punto Vs i20 diesel


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Well today I went to TD the i20 and there was waiting list for TD . I had given my car for free check up at phoneix mills so I couldn't wait for one but I can say the engine is refined when one person started the engine and it settled to low noise .

One thing maruti is doing wrong is that now its becoming tata they just want to sell car and aren't intrested to service old cars . The service guy kept promting again and again that this panel is rusted and this is wrong and said that I buy a new maruti asap which I am not intrested in right now. Though maruti have best service network but their attitude is becoming bad , it left a bitter taste to my dad .
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If you are interested in the Fabia, I think you should wait for a while because Im expecting a cut in the Fabia price as its sales are pretty low as of now.

Anything else from these 3 could be a VW Golf/Polo but not sure about launch & engine options!
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Hi Guys,


Once again thanks for the overwhelming response.


I have finally decided to buy the Fabia Ambiente Deisel Mumbai registration. The car should be delivered in the next two weeks after the financing clearance is received.


The reason i could board the sessions was that i was on a company affair tour for the past week or so


Though you have given me enough pros and cons of the models, my reasons for zerooing down on a Fabia are as follow where it scores far better than the other two. This i my personal way of looking at things in order of my priority and Fabia scores way ahead of the other two


1. Brand

2. Build Quality

3. Refinement of Interiors

4. Superb Ability to gulp potholes and bad roads

4. Features

5. FE

6. Luxury Feel


As far as the engine is concerned though it produces only 69 BHP, with its huge torque, its a pleasure to drive in the city with great FE. I once again tested all the three vehicles on the same day to make a comparison. On a highway due to its posture one feels like the king.


Thanks any way and look forward to your comments on my decision on the above grounds


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Congratulation, to me you have made the correct choice.

And also the most sensible variant too !

Some great features of the car that amazed me are the :

Rear AC vents.

The volume of the music automatically reduce to hear the parking sensor sound (Only for Elegance)

Great boot space and Practicality.

Well balanced steering.

Superb built quality.

Wear seat belts and don't go at high speed before 1000km.

Go ahead and enjoy the movements with her smiley20.gif

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Hi Buddy,


I am also looking to buy Fabia 1.4 Ltr diesel car. I had already booked Swift VDI and am getting it cancelled coz I've changed my mind to go for a premium hatchback car. Skoda has that snobbish appeal, which is attracting me towards it. I know that the engine might not be as good as an i20 or Maruti Swift VDI, but I am somehow attracted towards this car. I have read thru all the responses you got from various members and finally u decided to take Fabia. I would need your honest opinion whether I shud go in for this car or not. Few apprehensions in my mind are -


1.) I've heard that Skoda is looking to change its engine to that of VW Polo, which is of a superior technology. Do you have any idea abt it.


2.) The car runs good in the city but cries for more power at the highways. Is that true? What is the top speed that you've driven the car at and how was the car's response.


3.) Any defects that you came across after buying the car for which you had to goto the dealer for replacement or repair? And any bad experiences you had thereafter.


I am really looking forward for your advice on this. If possible you can call me also in my mobile 9672993438 or leave me a call back no.



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Thanks for your suggestion buddy. I've also read some bad reviews on the ASS for Skoda. But so far my dad has been getting a good service from Skoda Dealrership in Chandigarh. I guess the problem comes when there is replacement of part required for which procurement might take some time, which I am sure will not happen to every car purcahsed :-). I was more keen in knowing about the performance of the Car. So if yo know anything then pls let me know abt that.

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my dad has been getting a good service from Skoda Dealrership in Chandigarh. 


Name your dealer name man here, people all over India might also rush to this showroom. Skoda makes good cars and the dealers spoils its reputation. When the latter is not a problem for you, You will enjoy a good car through its life. Happy Motoring. Do share your experience.


Since Polo's prooduction(pre) has started, the CRDI heart can be expected any time in Fabia. If you have a good relationship with your dealer, ask him if he has any idea on that.
creativebala2009-09-17 05:47:10
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Sorry for the wrong no. The correct one is 9673993438

Hi Gaurav,

It was nice speaking to you just nw.

As informed just check the couple of links below and review the same.





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Hi Gaurav,


This is aptsat. While i was reading all your posts on my blackberry, i just could not log on to a PC. Well after much deliberation, i have purchased a Fabia 1.4 TDI PD Silver 2009 Model


I have some phoographs of the beauty but i am not sure as to how i can upload the pics


Now for your queries


I have already driven the vehicle for about 1300 Kms from the day i took delivery that is about 20 days ago.


FE - To begin with it gave me a shocker when the FE was only 9 K/L. But is the last 20 days it is giving me 12 - 13. Mind it that i drive only in bumper to bumper trafiic most of the times.


There is too much written about the built quality, comfort, handling, space  etc. - My verdict : Superb


One piece of advise, the discount that you are getting of Rs 65K may possibly be for a 2008 manufactured vehicle - registration will be 2009. Teflon, mud flaps, mirror locks and floor mats are actually being offered by the company and hence all dealers have to give it. Never the less, you can still get a good bargain of upto Rs 50 K if you deal well and get a 2009 manufacture. I lost a lot of time in getting this 2009 manufactured vehice. Got a good discount


Have checked from appropriate sources. Your first service can cost you anywhere between Rs 5.5K to 7K but the comfort is that it is after 15K Kms or 1 year which ever is earlier.


Driving: It is slightly sluggish in the first gear but then later on it is perfectly fine. On highways, you would certainly rev up beyond 2000 rpm and i now have feeling there is not one single hatch back or entry and mid level sedans that can beat it easily. So full marks here as well


Just go for it as it is SKODA





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Hi Apstat,


Congratulations for your new car.


The milaege figures are still less as iam getting around 15 with 100% AC on in city. The attain this make sure you don't rev up yr engine beyond 2000 RPM as it leads decrease in milaege. It is mentioned in the manual also.


Also we will be happy to have you in our Fabia owners club as mentioned in my earlier post.


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You should not rev your engine byond 2000 RPM. The moment it reaches at this level step to the next gear. Believe me if you can do this consistantly you will get the milaege for atleast 15 km/l


I drive in reasonable driving conditions in Delhi which is having a mix of bumber to bumper traffic and cruizing at 50-60 speed also.
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I will certainly try to do as you said. Mu problem is that the entire distance in Mumbai where i live i.e. from home to office and back is bumper to bumper and very seldomly i am able to put the car in the third gear. To give you an estimate it takes anywhere between 1 hour to 1.30 hours for a distance of 8.5 kms. Please also tell me whether there is a contention where the mileage will improve after say driving for 2000 + kms. In the above circumstances do you feel that an average of 12 - 13 is good or should i consult the dealer. How many Kms have you already driven

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