More powerful i20 future diesel options

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wikipedia reports a 1.6 diesel that will put out over 125bhp


The i20 will debut in Europe with a total of seven engine options, all

with four cylinders. Three are petrol, including the recently designed

1.2litre dohc 16 valve "Kappa" engine, while the rest are oil burners.

Two of the diesel engines are 1396cc units, one with 75PS and 220Nm and

the other a 90PS and 220Nm high power unit. They are joined by two

1582cc engines having the same dohc and 16-valve top end architecture

but delivering either 115PS and 260Nm of torque or 128PS and 260Nm of


However, I can't find evidence of this on the any hyundai site, including hyundai UK

does anyone know anything about this? are these engines in development? will they be launched here? or is this just a rumour?

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well company would always check out with the pricing of their current offers, as for which i20 kappa hyundai wasent sure of the response they got in Indian market with same specs as for european market and higher pricing but is doing good which is why they launched 1.4 crdi and 1.4 petrol AT versions, higher engines are not seen at large by buyers as FE is the most criteria looked for along with pricing.

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