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I am planning to buy a new car in the range of 12-15L. My car will be self-drive (Surat City) for about 500km a month and chauffeur driven on highway for about 6-8000kms a month.

For me safety is the topmost concern followed by style followed by minimal maintenance. Pl advice what car I should buy.

As of now zeroed to Jetta, Civic and Octavia. Few guys have also suggested to go for Altis/Corolla

Prakash Anandani

Male, 28

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you wrote 6 -8 thousand kms per month highway driving. Is it thousand and hundred kms.


If it 6-8 thousand kms, then diesel is the only option. Select between Octavia (obsolete) Jetta (slow but should be more reliable than Laura) or Laura.


If you are looking for a petrol (for upto 2000 kms per month) go for Altis. It will give you best milage, most comfort and trouble free ownership. It is also equally safe with Airbags and ABS etc. (Jetta petrol may have more, you have to check but cost of ownership will be more)


The current model of Civic is due to be phased out any time and also lacks features and a inflated price.
akj53in2009-07-25 13:10:54

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6-8000 kms a month!! The LAura Diesel is the right car for you. If you are running mainly on the highway, go in for a diesel. The other cars in the price bracket are the VW jetta. Also consider SUVs. in particular, the Toyota fortuner that is coming soon. But you will have to stretch your budget a bit if you want the fortuner.

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