Ferrari 458 Italia Revealed

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These are the first official pictures and details of the Ferrari 458 Italia - the replacement for the Ferrari F430.

The Ferrari 458 Italia draws inspiration from the Enzo and takes a new look influenced by the Mille Chili concept car.

Ferrari has confirmed that the car, codenamed F142 and long rumoured to be named the F450, will be called the 458 Italia. The name derives from the powerplant: a 4.5-litre V8 which Ferrari claims has the highest specific output of any normally aspirated car engine.

It certainly has more in common with superbikes than cars; at 127bhp per litre, the specific output is greater than that of many turbocharged engines.

The high-revving 4498cc V8 has very light internal parts and tiny piston skirts, resulting in low rotation inertia and a 12.5:1 compression ratio. It puts out 562bhp at 9000rpm, 500rpm higher than the 430. That makes it the highest-revving Ferrari road car ever.

It means the 458 Italia will be ferociously fast, and Ferrari claims it will sprint to 62mph in under 3.4sec on its way to a top speed of

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It looks stunning according to me!! Just one of the best after some toned down designs of the 430 and 612! Lets wait and see what the next Gallardo looks like (and sounds)

It will be some 10-20k pounds more than the 430

designersf2009-08-07 18:01:56

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i dont know why but i dont like the design,it doesnt do it for me maybe i hav to wait till i see it in real or a on-road pic,but the specifications are awesum,its gonna blow the gallardosmiley20.gif....FORZA FERRARIsmiley20.gif

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I don't know.. Like I can't even describe what I feel for the 458 Italia..

it feels so BLLAAHHHH... you know what I mean..???


[Heart -> Engine]

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