Hyundai i10/Pa Test Drive Report

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Hyundai i10 Driven


Got a chance to TD the i10 Magna longer. Here are my observations.



Gone are the tallboy proportions, well atleast somewhat. The i10 looks smarter, lower and wider than the santro. The side profile would still remind you of the santro. But overall, the design is much better proportioned and pleasant to look at unlike the quirky design of the santro that first came out.



Sit in the i10 and the interiors feel bigger than they are mostly due to lighter colours being used. The beige interiors look and feel good. They are built well and there is also space for a double-din stereo. The vertically positioned vents have a somewhat limited movement, but the AC chills and is one of the better units on the market. The quality of materials used is good and feel better than the competition. The front seats are comfortable but lack a little in underthigh support, could be an issue over longer drives. They also don't come with adjustable headrests which I feel is something that should not have been left out. They don't come with height adjustment either. The steering however, has adjustment for rake (tilt). The instrument cluster is nicely laid out and the outline of the pod is similar to that of the santro.



The boot space has seen a slight improvement over the santro. But the only way to open the boot is from the outside. It opens by lifting the Hyundai logo, just like in the Passat. Hyundai has skipped the internal boot release. Bad hyundai.


The sunroof is a nice feature, it is supplied by webasto, but the finish could have been better. Although not of much use in our weather, but its still something nice to have and even better when most cars from even higher segments don't offer it.

Engine & Gearbox:

The 1.1 litre unit puts out 66bhp which is slightly more than the one on the santro. The refinement levels are impressive. Just like the Santro, the i10 pulls cleanly from lower rpms. The initial push really helps in traffic. but don't expect it to be a rocket. Its good enough to keep up with traffic.


The central mounted gearbox falls easily to hand. The shift quality is good but has longer throws than that of the Santro. I liked the short throws of the santro better. Also the gearknob could have been finished better.

Ride & Handling:

The ride is not as stiff as the santro and the top heaviness is also mostly taken care of. The i10 now features an electronic power steering. It feels nice and light at city speeds. Haven't been on the highway so can't comment on highway stability.



The variant I drove came with 14 inch wheels and the ride does feel slightly harsh especially at low speeds.

Overall, it is a worthy successor to the santro. The sparks, Wagon R's and Estilos better watch out. The i10 looks like a winner.


Engine refinement.
Quality interiors


Poor horn.
Non adjustable headrests.
No internal boot release.




FE Figures


12kpl City

16kpl Highway



FuelRunGod2007-11-20 08:48:02

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Lucky you FRG,


The car looks good and interiors look good and no real vices: according to your report. Wish they had brought in the diesel too, for that extra 'zing'; that would have the competition really gulping. The price is a little bit on the higher side. Now let's see how it sells. I think Hyundai has a best seller on it's hands. The boot is intelligently camouflaged, on the side profile it looks as the boot is small but looks quiet cavernous in the pics.
Durango Dude2007-11-01 17:32:33

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I saw this car but found that looks are not that attractice...its good from front but from rear they are boring and also from side not that good...the thing i  found very very interesting are its interiors which are like 10-12 lacs car and are superb....according to me this car is like old santro(not a modern day look) and will change after sometime like Xing(which got good looks than the older one)....

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The i10 feels a generation ahead of other small cars. there is no doubt. love the body stiffness and the refinement. ride is still a bit bumpy but much better than santro. interiors are just brilliant. the plastics, fabrics and design are superb- nothing comes close

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hmm that dislike point of view is really bad from the Hyundai. yes i too hated the non adjustable front head rest. i hope the fuel efficiency is good like the santo rest all seems to be fine. thank you frg.

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Nice report FRG, that was very informative and great pictures as well.  The i10 looks like a winner, given the good reputation of Hyundai in sales and service.  They managed to sell such an ugly duckling like Santro due to their agressive marketing, it won't be a surprise if the i10 becomes a hit as well.  I guess the higher end version is around 4.5 lakhs, which could give the Swift a run for its money as well!  A diesel option, if priced closed to the Swift LDi, could be a killer.  Perhaps that is the reason they did not offer a cheaper version of the Getz CRDi.  smiley2.gif 



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Beige doesnt reflect much but I found that the silver exterior and beige interior doesn't match. Silver needs black interiors and beige interiors work well with dark or bright colours.

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had a test drive last evening .car is a class in its segment..interiors are great ..no issuses with that.

Engine wise a bit of noise (compared to spark which is the new entrant in this segment) i felt it lacked a bit of power initially but as it keeps going ..picks up.

rear sit will be a problem for the middle person as its a bit uncomfortable in the middle ..akka santro.

Remote boot opener missing.

Pricing seems to be a bit on the higher side..



Rest all is great. Gear Shift  AC  etc ..over all a good ride

Pple who waited for i10 over Spark wont be disapointed .. only if the discount was offered like on Spark .. there wud hav been more satisfied buyers..

but still as the saying goes Every good thing comes for a price...



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Most of the small cars that we use today are essentially two-seaters, and the rear bench is actually meant for children.  That's what they are originally designed for and seating 5 six footers in decent comfort is definitely not what the manufacturers have in mind when deciding on a small car design.  Tata was an exception when designing the Indica, as they actually kept Indian conditions in mind.  In the West these cars are mainly used by singles or old folks as city roundabouts and only the front seats matter to them, really.  The i10 too probably had a Western market in mind more than the Indian market and that is probably why it not so generous in back seat comfort. 



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My points to note are the following when i was comparing to the getz prime 1.1gvs

engine is tiny to look at however packs the same punch as the getz prime 1.1.

both are 66bhp and 1000nm torque and 1100cc

the i10 car weighs 860kgs -925kgs

The magna variant (the one comparable to the getz 1.1 gvs comes with 4 door power win) weighs 872kgs against the getz which is 995-999kgs, so theres almost 130kg weight difference. i guess that weight difference will contribute to slightly more pep in the i10 than the getz 1.1

however the rear space inside of the i10 is the same as that of the santro and NOT the getz at all

i checked the chasis it seems its built on the santro chasis more than the getz this was proved when i found out that the length and wheel base measurements of the i10 and santro are identical

the unique thing is the gear shift that has been put onto the front console as FRZ said that makes u feel as if ur race car and is quite cool, however transmittion and smoothness wise the getz rules

another new thing is that it has power assisted steeering ( not hydralic )

not exactly l;ike marutis electronic steering but this one is motor driven power assisted so its kinda close - this will help on the milege front too

the beige interiors give a roomier and more spacious feel ( however getz offers this too now ) . but quality of plastics in the i10 doors - not as good as the getz theyre quite like the swift or wagon R

Price wise both are the same in mumbai

getz is 4.8lacks less 10000 discount and the magna variant is 4.69 lacs all inclusive

quite confused on which car to get now

logic and practicality says the i10 due to its newer engine lighter wt but the getz interior qulaity is better and its more spacious too

however milege wise the i10 is gonna win though i dont think by more than 1km/lt

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