My experience of trying to CHEAT ME - fiat punto

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Hey drift' date=' i quoted it becuase cartoos said its for me so i clarified my points...[/quote']

What I am trying to say is you can't go asking for alloy wheels worth Rs 40000/- for car the has been driven extra 100 KM before delivery as suggested by some members. As dealer is offering some freebe's already for 100Km extra?and?one should get on with life and enjoy.

I'm wondering how the 100kms has been clocked. As the dealers are not willing to disclose, i suspect misuse, probably TD.

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@ crazycat

I have no doubts its been used for TD and spent some time in the workshop.

@ greentech

the apt choice of words to describe such dealers.

I have no qualms about the scratch--happens.

My only question is -- if these have nothing to hide then why even till date they are not willing to disclose how the car ran up those odo's.I believe if you are clean then you have nothing to worry about and they would have been open .But in trying to hide everything-the logical conclusion would be unfair play.

I was promised a letter from TAFE on saturday that they are responsible for the car for a period of two years in case of any faults arising with the car.I had sent them a drafted letter, but they changed it to 'as per warranty' and sent it back to me.I already have the warranty on the car, all i want is assurance from these guys that yes there is nothing wrong with your car.But even for that there is hesitation.Wonder why!!

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Hi Rajini, I have gone through all the posts of your topic. What I feel is, the

dealers would definitely have used the car for test drives which has logged up the extra 100 kms and in the process, created the scratch on the car.


The dealer will definitely not tell you the truth because,

  1. Its enough if one single customer looses faith in the dealer to ruin their goodwill in the market.
  2. They donot know your intention. You are actually looking forward for the truth to be accepted by them so that rest assured, the car will be fine overall.
  3. The dealer might have faced similar situation in the past wherein the customer might have pulled them to the consumer court or claimed huge damages. This might put them off to come up and tell you the truth.
  4. TATA is not a niche vehicle manufacturer and TAFE is not their only dealer. A small scar on the dealer's reputation can impact sales in a big way.

I hope there is really nothing wrong with your vehicle. Happy driving.

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hi feel sorry for you ..... the dealer from were i bought my punto 1.3 multi jet in guindy(concorde motors)gave us the car with a good satisfaction and moreover the car did 26km that day of delivery you should not blame fiat for the dealers mistake  .... might have been a error in odo meter ...dont know for sure whats the problem for the distance run in the car

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