Bad / Ugly looking Vehicles

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Now since Indian Auto Industry is flooded with lots of Automakers with lots of different models, we can optout bad looking, ugly vehicles from the whole lot.

Only looks is taken into consideration, these vehicles may be the more feature and capable than the other from technical and other aspects.

1st and foremost ugly looking vehicle is :

Mahindra XYLO


Main problem is the front portion and than the height which make this vehicle look more like a van and not an MPV.

please post more flaws.

Ford Endeavour

Oversized Monster. From Some angels it looks nice also.


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OMG!! Endy is a fantastic looking vehicle with those massive retro Americana looks. I love its looks, very rugged & butch but by no means modern.


On Xylo, I completely agree. It could have been designed in a better way.

The front end plays spoilsport bigtime.

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Dude'z ,I'd like to mention one car which i hate alot. Some people like it , some hate it (like me).. smiley1.gif .. and that car  is DZIRE..yea the X-tended Swift. ... the original swift is sooo heart snatching and famous in youngsters and all, but Dzire has not been able to live up

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Even I like Endeavour from most of the angels but size is killing thats why it is an oversized monster.

Here Gose another Lot

Maruti 800


Previous look of Maruti 800 was better and was looking a nice "Small Car" than the new one on road.

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i dont like xylo because of its look

i dont like its front and back lookssmiley11.gif

ritz is not from backside it is ugly from front

from back it looks fresh

verna : i dont like its front light

it should be replaced

a-star : it seems to me like a baby car

its looks are like a babbyy

honda pirus : its looks are not so ugly

endevour is good looking car to me

tuscon nothing to say about it smiley11.gif

i dont know why maruti relaunces the "800" with some changes

zen estilo : i think the company was thinking to make ZEN for ladies not for man

when i see man driving ZEN ESTILO i fell ashamed

dzire : i dont liked its rear lights

i think they should put swift lights at back of it looks stunning

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Hyundai Elantra


In above image this vehicle looks proportionate but in real it had some confusing design having big bonnet, small boot, big tyres and some what small cabin as compared with the front of the vehicle.

The vehicle is not looking like a big car and is also not the size of normal sedans.

Even Hyundai could not position this vehicle properly resulting in end of "Elantra" Brand.  Hyundai may bring new vehicle to put inbetween Verna and Sonata but may not brand it as "Elantra". 

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Worst looking cars are:

1.Maruti Versa

2.Maruti Zen Estilo

3.Daihatsu MOVE

4.Suzuki Wagon R (first generation in Japan)

5.Hyundai Tuscon (odd ball shape)

6.Mitsubishi Lancer (such an old looking sedan!!)

7.Daewoo Cielo/Nexia

8.New Korean Hyundai Verna Transform (Transformed it  thoroughly from good to worse)..

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There was a Premier Automobile Limited's small version of their nice looking Padmini, I don't remember the model name but we were calling that car as "Dukkar Gadi". The car's doors opening on the opposite side and that was really ugly car compared with Premier Padmini.


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