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Just for the sake of putting in words M&M there are lots of design features shown on papers but in real they are design flaws. 

M & M Latest design feature of "Rabbit Tooth" in front grill is not at all exciting but they are trying to imitate brands like BMW and MERC or Audi to have common Nose for all their vehicles.

It is understandable that UV Vehicle with very low price tag would come with minimal choices but design may not be one of the cost cutting measure.

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Top 12 Ugliest looking cars:


1.Covini C6W



2.Pontiac Aztec SUV



3.Geely Beauty Leopard (China)



4.SsangYong Kyron SUV



5.Citroen DS



6.Fiat Multipla



7.1960 Fiat 600 Multipla



8.1975 AMC Pacer



9.1974 VW Thing



10.SEAT Altea Freetrack (Spain)



11.Ssangyong Rodius (Korea)





12.Hindustan Contessa GLX


swiftvxi062009-08-12 14:56:27

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The "Dukkar Gaddi" as you guys call it is actually a Fiat 103/1100 Millicento. One of the most desirable classics in India. Just FYI, the above pictured car was made in 1954 and is possibly pne of the most beautifull cars India has ever seen.

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I think the Xylo is not too bad, yes initially I had my reservations too..a bit too bulky, but I just took a test drive today, must say that overall its a great car, internal plastics a let down, also no media controls on streeing but for the price I guess its okay. Lots of room..phew...lotsss, and the new color White in E8 with its brown interiors is awesome, all it needs is a amp, sub, and a lcd..and wollah you have a great car. I am 6'2" and the likes of Inova, Tavera, Safari and Scorpio are a little too tight for me while I enter the car...(Not much legroom between the streeing) but not with the Xylo Its great! The only other thing which is good leg roomwise is the Ford Endy.. XYLO Definetly a contender for my next car....

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when the thread started i didn't thought it would become so interesting. It is good to see the ugliest vehicles. From the cars on Indian road I feel versa and uno are the best contenders for this award

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