Indica Vista Ignis 1.4P With ABS & AirBags Coming

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I dont like the sound of this..Tata is taking on the Emotion variant of the Punto! This is bad news and from personal experience i know that Tata dealerships will push the Vista over the Punto and this is frankly bad news as many will be tempted into buying the Vista (still no bad car) over the Punto (which is better).. I keep my fingers crossed for Fiat

designersf2009-08-11 16:58:38

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This is a very exciting news, Finally, TATA is pulling up its socks, with VISTA range it had started to look good for the TATAs but still a long way to go!

The upgrade of the engine should work wonders for this car.

The interiors are starting to look upmarket with the steering mounted controls!

A set of alloys and leather seats for this would make it a decent makeover.


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I am so very fed up of seeing the TATA family grill on all its cars (except the safari though). I feel its time for them to stop making cars on the indica platform and start with something new.


Though vista looks little different from the regular indica, indigo and indigo cs, a thorough revision to the line up will be good. There are those vertically stacked taillamps again.  

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