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Here is a small travelogue with pictures on my drive from Bangalore to my hometown called Tirur in Kerala.

Car: Zen Lxi

People: Me and my wife

Date: 7th Aug 2009


We decided the previous night that we would start of at 5am on 7th. I had done full service of the car on 4th itself and petrol was full tank.

To our great surprise at 5am on 7th I was in the car ready to movesmiley17.gif. Started off from Sarjapur Road, went through Silk Board and ORR to meet up at Mysore Road by 5.30 am. It was a cool cloudy morning and Mysore Road looked inviting



Reached Mysore Byepass by 7.30. Since it was early traffic going out was minimal



From the byepass, took the left turn and via the Lalit Mahal palace reached the Gundlepet Road. The stretch of road for 10-12 km was quite bad. After that the surface was quite good and the traffic was minimal.




Some sunflower Gardens on the way




By 9am we were at Gundlepet. There is a new 24hr Cafe  Coffee Day outlet opened there. Stopped for a coffee and some snacks.  Had travelled around 190km.




Once we left Gundlepet, we hit a very bad stretch of road leading up to the Bandipur wild life santuary. And as the photo below shows, vehicles did not have the right of waysmiley1.gif



One we overcame that obstacle and after a stretch of non existent roads, we entered the Bandipur forests. Here the roads were excellent, lots of twists and turns and almost non existent traffic along with beautiful views of forests. The santuary is caled Bandipur on the Karnataka side and Mudumalai on the Tamil Nadu side. Following pictures show the drive through the santuary. Not much words are needed.








This deer did not liks us disturbing














We exited the forest and stopped for a break amidst bamboo forests before reaching Gudalur(Gudalur is the base from where you climb to OOty)





A great view of the Western ghats just after Gudalur




We crossed Gudalur by 11.15am and then entered Kerala through the Nadugani ghats. Again great roads with almost no traffic.






Crossing this section we reached Nilambur by 12.30pm, the first major town after you enter Kerala. From here another 1.5 hours, I was at my hometown Tirur by 2pm. Couple of pictures of the final stretches





Total Distance: 387km

Time taken: 9hrs(including 1 hr break)

Roads: Apart from a couple of small stretches absolutely brilliant with plenty of twisties. No potholes. TRaffic almost nil most of the way

Milage: 16km/ltr


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Man... beautiful roads and very nice photography..

I would give up anything to drive such roads all day long..!! You have a very nicely done car.. simple mods.. very elegant..

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Brilliant pictures. Bet it was a great drive. BTW' date=' i stopped on the same CCD on last friday!![/quote']

Yup Such a wonderful and relaxing drive. Especially in the forests. No music no AC. Just cruised along listening to the sounds of the wild. My wife was doing the photography.

Did you stop at CCD around 9am on Friday? smiley1.gif

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