Honda Accord/CR-V Diesel

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This has been a rumour since almost a year or so. There is no concrete info yet. Though CR-V Diesel has been spotted earlier. I dont see it coming in near future. And Skoda has priced Superb brilliantly so that would be real competition for Accord diesel.

@Mods- i think we already have a thread running with same title. Kindly merge it.

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Knowing Honda, they will price the diesel models (if at all they are launched) at a premium of at least 4-5 lacs over their respective petrol models. Then some Honda boss will defend the high rates that their diesel engines are very expensive to produce and higher exchange rates.

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Honda is Not Confident about the Performance of its Diesel Engines in India.

If I remember Correct, the First Generation Accent CRDis Faced Fuel Pump Clogging Problems due to the HIGH Quality of Diesel in India.

So Honda is Doubtful if Same History repeats with them too.

Another Reason is that the Diesel Variant would cost 4-5 Lakhs more than its Corresponding Petrol Variant as said by akj53in. If Honda can charge Premium for its Barebones loaded Petrol Cars, there is no Strong Reason for Not Charging the Identical (or even more) Premium on Diesel Variants (Honda uses a Class-Leading Technology in their carssmiley36.gif) .

Since the All Petrol Variants of Honda COMMAND A HUGE PREMIUM, One May Just Imagine what the Diesels Would Command. The Prices of Cars would be More. In addition to that the Spare Parts would be Costlier.

Launching Diesel Variants would mean Beating an Axe on its Own Legs.

Thats why Honda will NEVER Launch Diesel Variants. sudeepd2009-08-15 06:45:38

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