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Guys,goings to buy BEAT soon.


I want to make a tyre upgrade for it.

Can you guys suggest me which tyre size to go for?


I like to go for Potenza gIII.


I searched their website but could not find GM Beat in their list(Perhaps not refreshed).



I would also like to put some alloys.

Spirax12010-01-05 04:51:06

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At 3.34 lakhs for the base model, this car can seriously worry every hatchback in town. Hyundai, Tata and especially Maruti would be working day in and day out to come up with their plans. Just think of this - who would buy the so called facelifted WagonR (or even the Estilo or Astar) instead of this?

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Iam planning to buy 1.2 LT(White or Misty Lake)

The alloys on the option pack are not attractive to me.

If chevy brought in alloys like this i would definetly choose these-


For the funky looks of the beat which alloys would suit? 


Looks good to me-



(for white Beat it would be a perfect match)

Spirax12010-01-05 05:03:01

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