i20 magna or ritz zxi


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guys i need yourhelp..

my family is planning to purchase a car .we have shortlisted i20 magna & ritz zxi.

which one is better.i am inclined toward i20

i am concerned with the performance of i 20 ,service cost ,mileage.?1.2 kappa is sufficient..??

is there any offers for i20..?

i20 ,ritz .owners please help..??

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Both are equally good as far as equipment goes. I heard there are problems with the A/C in i20 elsewhere in the forum. 1.2l is adequate. Both are new cars. i20 is a safe design as compared to the Ritz. I personally dont like the rear design of the Ritz.

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hey hi..

abt a month ago i was in the same dilemma.. i went in for RITZ coz of the new tech engine it had.. i personally felt i20 was underpowered wen i drove it..

and i have driven 2000km till date with a phenonmenall avg of 15kmpl in city mosty with ac on all the time.. and i m pretty happy with my choice..

i would suggest u RITZ.. there is something that the car pandits rate this newbie so high..

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I think in this catagory i20 is the most balanced car of the lot. It feels bigger and much more upmarket than the Ritz. Decent kit is available on the Magna version and the quality is bound to be better than any Maruti. I would blindly go for Hyundai as it has never disappointed me in the past. :)


- Beautiful Car

- Kappa 1.2 is efficient, powerful, smooth enough

- Big roomy cabin

- Legendary Hyundai After Sales Service

- Excellent performance of the car so far. Managing about 2500-3000 units a month(Autocar Mag)

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Given a choice I would always go for car with the max safety equipment. Thats the most important feature in the car for me. Especially after i saw a major accident where airbags saved a mans life.

So I would recommend going for a car with the safety features. Ritz has sufficient space though not as much as i20, has good fuel efficiency, is extremely smooth, probably the only better 1.2 engine in india is in the jazz. The only reason i see over here to go for i20 is the boot space.

So I recommend ritz to you.

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