Are International Designs suited to India??

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Most manufacturers impose upon us their designs from the developed countries- till the Fiat Palio and  Honda City came which were tailor made to run in developed countries. Though we have been picking up as a market our petrol octane rating has improved, our diesel has lower sulphur content to suit modern diesel engines, our roads are still the same with speed breakers rattling the hell out of us and even hitting the under bodies of our foreign designed cars with its complement of four or five passengers. Even now cows, bullock carts, stray dogs, bicycles, rickshaws, handcarts and other such elements may hit the gelaming metallic paintwork and doom a new car's looks.  India specific designs are very essential for us and given our market size the  A, B and C segments have enough sales to warrant R&D  for robust designs to suit our roads.

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Good point anjan, most of the international models are better suited for what they are originally intended for: international roads!  Ford must be given some credit for their R&D in India, which made the Ikon and the Fiesta according to Indian standards.  A runaway success like the Indica is attributed to the fact that it was designed keeping India in mind, and the sales figures of the car say that aloud.  That too after having so many issues on quality and refinement. 


Considering the state of roads in Kerala, I have decided to swap my supermodel Swift for a butch vehicle, anything which can qualify to be a military vehicle!  I really am fond of the Swift, but it hurts me to see the battering it gets on our roads.  It is certainly not a car to be driven from one pothole into another.  I would even go for a Mahindra Major, which I would say is ideal in our present conditions!  But I have recommended the Swift to my brother in the UK, I'm sure where the car will feel at home.



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