Why all car makers ignored economic people movers

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In India, people prefer to travel with family or friends on the weekend, that is more than 5 people on many instances. The choices for this are

-Omni 2L


(so why this vaccum)


-Sumo,Bolero,.. around 6-7L

-Safari,Scorpio,Sumo Grande,Innova,Tavero around 8-10L


I am damn sure, there is a huge market for this segment in India. Why can't even our own Tata didn't address this segment yet. When Nano can be made at 1.5 L, I am sure a decent 8 seater with AC,PS,diesel can be made around 4L. What stops them?




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Your question is really worthy to be discussed. I have also thought so many times about this. In India, the families with 6 members or more can be found in a great percentage in many rural area and even in urban area. This is because ours is a great culture of living with the parents and grand parents which cannot be found in any other country. The white people don't have this system and most of their families consist of two partners that can get separated at any time and a dog. For them the dog will be there for its entire life time. So they make cars with even two doors. Because it is enough for them.


 But in India there are a lot of  families with more than six members which cannot afford a price tag of 7 or 8 lakhs. There is a great potential for 7 or 8 seaters in the range of 4-6 lakhs. I think only Maruti Versa was an attempt to fill this gap but it was a  failure due to its ugly design and a lot of other reasons. Lets wait for the new O2 which will be a better product in all aspects. Even Toyota has Avanza which is sold in some Asian and African markets. It has a range of engines starting from 1litre to 1.5 litres which does work in the Yaris model. Nissan has Livina which is also a prospective model in this range.
jimgeo2009-08-26 14:34:43

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Wuling: really don't know what to expect. I think GM will have to brand it separately, watch it perform from a safe distance; initially even dissociate from it altogether or it will ruin what GM has slowly trying to put together. We all know of the Chinese toys and mobiles which are as durable as say box of tissues: meaning use and throw.

I really don't know what sort of pricing strategy, warranty, after sales service they will offer. Let's see how the Zoyte does? BTW anyone bought the Zoyte Premier Rio? Probably who knows by another year they will start pushing it as corporate new year and Xmas gift, with diaries, calenders. Will be used as the head honchos golf cart.Durango Dude2009-12-05 17:53:48

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