US AIR FORCE decides to make cars... [:)]

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The latest organisation to join the professional tuning circuit after Hamann, Novitec etc. is............the U.S. Air Force!!

To encourage young Americans to sign up to defend the country, the Air Force has modified two traditional American (notice the patriotism) muscle cars: the Dodge Challenger and the Ford Mustang.

The first of these two is the Ford Mustang "X-1" as it's called. It's given a matte white paintjob and the engine is modified to give out 500 BHP. Scissor doors are an obvious addition, considering how flight doors work.

Enough about the exterior though, the real thrill of the car lies inside. The interior is modelled after a fighter jet cockpit. The car is only a one seater, and get this: even that one seat is an ejection seat!!! The center console consists of a "flight stick" instead of a steering wheel, and the pedals are on either side. So you end up sitting in the middle of the car, just like in a flight. There are three "advanced instrumentation panels" which include monitors that show night- and thermal-vision almost making the windshield obsolete!

7646836.jpg</a> w800.png</a>


7847343.jpg</a> w800.png</a>

8690140.jpg</a> w800.png</a>

9671573.jpg</a> w800.png</a>

CYRUS432009-08-27 13:10:00

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The second car is the Dodge Challenger Vapor. This car is given a "radar-absorbing" stealth-black paintjob. And to complete the "stealth mode", the car is given a stealth exhaust that lets the vehicle run in near silence. But what good is a muscle car without the roar? Therefore an option is added in which the driver can open the headers and make an aggressive engine noise. Best of both worlds? You bet.

And just to prove that U.S. military security is as tight they say it is, the Vapor requires biometric verification to gain entry to the driver compartment. As with the X-1, the Vapor also gets night and thermal vision, except this time it is projected onto the windshield.

And here's the killer: in case you're stuck in a James Bond kind of situation. you can still command the vehicle from a remote control system modeled after the Air Force's Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The remote system can be accessed worldwide through the internet.

7633635.jpg</a> w800.png</a>

7682234.jpg</a> w800.png</a>

3964038.jpg</a> w800.png</a>

7035003.jpg</a> w800.png</a>

5168921.jpg</a> w800.png</a>GALLERYGALLERYCYRUS432009-08-27 13:16:22

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but whats the source???????




America is moving towards fuel efficient cars & U.S. Airforce is moving in the opposite direction!

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Ejection seats: when in a 'sure crash' situation the pilot errr driver bails out; and where's the steering wheel, so no driver airbag's???. Cyrus I think I'll require a superlicense to drive this contraption, hope you can provide me one.

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