Door Dampening Material for cars

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Hello Everybody,

I own a Suzuki Swift VXi variant bought last year. Its been a wonderful car to own and drive around.

I was in the US a few months ago and saw a product in Circuit City which was a gluey metal. Upon inquiry i was told that this material is pasted onto the inside of the doors. They open the panels of the doors and paste it onto the metal on the inside.

Now this, they claim, reduces the engine noise leaking into the cabin, the road noise caused by the tires and also helps fortify the doors. They feel heavier and this also reduces the panel noise by a great extent. In fact, the doors get heavier by about 2 kilos.

Upon inquiry in Pune with my car accessory dealer, i was told that no product like this exists in the Indian market. Upon asking Autocar, Renuka replied me telling that 3M in Bangalore does deal in this product. I wrote to them but got no reply on it.

I am really keen to get this onto my car. This basically would help me with the sounds in the car too as all my speakers are fitted into the door panels.

Can anyone here help me with this?

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Witness to the 'legendary' MSIL build quality. Instead of adding 2 kg weight to the doors, get it set right at next service, I know, I know, the door rattles are sure to recur when you hit the first pot hole after that.

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exactly.. it was the dynamat that i saw in the US.

Can you pls tell me where i can find it in Pune?

and @ Durango: i totally agree with you, the doors start making a noise with the first pothole :)

but my car's been good with it. Its a year old and still makes no noise at all... m happy with its condition.

Basically MSIL makes its doors super smooth. And people who are used to the doors of the Skoda, TATA and Mahindra just bang my car's doors too bad. This makes it more vulnerable to a lose panel within no time. Putting this dampner on would help reduce this and a heavier door would compensate for the banging..

Howsoever much you ask people to go easy on the door, the habit just does not go... :)

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Check with the bigger car audio installers in your city. They should have heard of dynamat and may source it for you. Btw - the material is relatively expensive.

I'll check with a couple of pune residents and see if they know someone who stocks it.

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Wuerth is another materila worth exploring. try at

Wuerth Industrial Services India Pvt. Ltd.
Gat. No. 2337/1, Behind Pune Trade Centre
Pune - Nagar Road, Wagholi, Tal. Haveli
+91 20 56 424 111 +91 20 56 424 200

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