Does Anyone Remember The Enfield Mofa?

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The makers of the 350-500 cc Bullet also made the freakest two wheeler India had ever seen. This was in the 1980's. The frail little moped was called Mofa. Very, very few of these survive. Its model life was too short and I am sure this will become a collectors item very soon.181145d1251387550-indian-two-wheelers-fl




Pictures Source Teambhp

Tech Specs of the Mofa

Engine 22 cc, 2 stroke single cyl, air cooled
Power 0.8 bhp

( Now can we give this to a teenager today who wants anything above 10 bhp?)
Weight Unladen 30 Kg ( How much you think a bicycle weighs?)
Wheel Size
2.00" X 17 " both front and rear
Seating Capacity One
Fuel Tank 1.45 litres ( My Landmaster needs that amount to warm up on a cold winter morning)
Payload 80 Kg
Fuel Consumption 90 kmpl (the HH CD 100 gave 80 mph under "ideal" conditions)
Maximum Speed 30 kmph ( and those sports bicycles?)
Price in 1988 Rs 2950/- in Tamil Nadu (no RTO, Insurance, Licence)

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hey..nice find!! I never knew this existed!! Anything under 25cc does not qualify as a motor vehicle BTW... And I had a very similar speedo on my bicycle. At the time, i used to do long distance cycling, and use to clock around 25kms a day. And I used to average around 20kmph. I once did dadar to nariman point in 45 mins!! : )

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My father had a Enfield Explorer which was a bigger bike compared to this one. He was thinking of buying this but his friends insisted that he buy the newly launched Enfield Explorer over this one since it was a 2 seater!

Eventually that bike came to me as my first geared bike (i was earlier a proud owner of Luna) I did some repainting and modifications were carried out. I do not have the photos with me here since they are not digital. I was in love with that bike and i am sure you guys would be amazed to see how good the modification work was done on that :)

Will upload the pics when i go back to India.

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Thanks sanjith. Such frail automobiles age very fast and reach the unserviceable stage earlier than most of the better built ones. Hence these are rare to spot on the roads and invite a lot of attention being relegated to history.

For instance we have a very few surviving Standard Heralds as compared to Ambassadors and Fiats of the same model year. Reason Heralds were tough to maintain with the body niggles bothering owners a lot.The spares also became tough to find to keep the cars running.

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i need i mofa for my kid can i have a help from yous side pls.....

I think the Mofa should be left as a collectors item.Such mopeds are meant to be used very sparingly.I

ts not OK for kids to own one. This is because kids use two wheelers to go for tutions, classes, for hanging around and spares for the Mofa are not available.Even the repairs will not be that easy.The only positive fact is that this does not require a licence or a RTO registration to run it on roads. No road taxes need to be paid as the engine is tiny viz. 22cc and is not covered under the Motor Vehicles Act.There was the Luna Wings (35cc) and the TVS (was it Eko?) Eko another 35 cc offering with the Mofa during the early 1990's.. All of them were not covered under the MV Act.But these being frail flopped. Perhaps the complaint was that they were not heavy duty stuff and needed frequent checks and repairs.

anjan_c20072011-02-27 15:30:59

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