Case for Tachometers on Bikes

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 The bike makers have benchmarked the 145cc plus bikes for fitment of tachometers. A tachometer is very useful as a tool for better engine life, less pollution and fuel efficiency. The driver becomes the best judge to extract the best out of his machine with a tachometer. Over a period of time one becomes adept in the art of reading the tacho needle and then giving the inputs to the machine. Its thus not understood why bike makers think that only the 145 cc plus bike riders deserve it. Remember the Kawasaki Bajaj KB 100 that made its debut in 1987. It came with a factory fitted tachometer. Also the TVS Victor didnt have a tachometer but came very near it by offering a green (fuel efficiency) light on its instrument console. Tachometers can be made optional by our bike makers for the 100cc segment to be featured in deluxe versions.

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I would like to respectfully disagree with the above stated point. I feel you've correctly stated that

    (i)    A tachy improves engine life and helps the biker gauging the correct rpm, ergo overall better engine life.

    (ii)   It enables the driver to upshift/downshift at the optimum engine rpm.

As said, higher horsepower bikes are equipped with tachometers as their bikers aim to extraxt as much power from each gear's range as possible. Hallelujah!!

But the crux is, the bikes below 145cc fall into economy and executive bikes. The qualities these bikes embody is maximum mileage and cheap costs. Adding auto-canceling indicators, side stand warning lights, digital displays keep on adding small but significant cost increases to the bike's cost until it falls out of this segment.Deluxe versions may of course offer this trimming, but the fact is, lower horsepower bikes are designed for engine longevity, mileage, cost efficiency and so on & so forth. Hence why the the need for a tachy??

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