2011 Hyundai Sonata(I40)

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"Long wait has finally ended"!!! Who was waiting for a new Sonata??

Its such a failure of a car, no one would want to buy a Sonata!


From the pics. its evident that Hyundai still could not get the front grille design right.

Anyway thanks for the news.


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The car looks really of the best design from Hyundai


I shall be making an understatement if i say that its too good!

Man, now that is some car. If the price us just marginally increased (which most certainly will not be the case IMO), the car will make a serious case for itself. And don't forget, Hyundai offers a diesel powerplant as well!

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Side profile is too good...the bonnet creases flowing into the bumper is artistic. hope they make similar changes to the verna too..!!


I agree, they can most certainly make slightly simlar changes to the verna as well. That will really help it. (Just like Toyota did to corolla-gave the Altis a mini-Camry look; Hyundai can give Verna a mini-Sonata look)

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WOW!! is the design for the car. The front is beautiful and the side profile is awesome!! The smoothness of the lines makes all the difference.

The front grill the way the headlamps are designed as if they have popped out on compressing the bonnet looks utterly phenomenal man!!

It will have a terrific road presence, that is for sure.

It beats the sh*t out of even the E class or the BMW 7 series.

Way to go!!!!!!!

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