Which car has the best looking tail lamps?

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Hi guys, today while waiting for my turn to move on at usual traffic jam, i ws rotating my eyes over the tail lamps of cars around me. i certainly felt that many of the car makers these days are putting so much of efforts to make their products beautiful all over, and how important is the rear part is.

It would be surprise but, the fact is that a car is being watched on the road more from the rear than the front!!!

so here is what I observed in that little time...

according to me following cars has one the beauties around as their tail lamps

Small Hatch: Santro, looks very sporty with its double stop light lamps.

Premium hatch: Getz, looks amazing with its curved stop lights.

sedans: ANHC, very identical to BMW and Corolla

Premium sedans: Civic and Superb

SUV: Outlander and Pajero

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So far I have seen people discussing about car's A.S.S

but you have pulled off  the dots. Something DIFFERENT


lolz Bala..Thats a nice one..!!


I love the Passat's and Jetta's tail lamps...especially when they glow.
Pramod2009-09-03 11:04:02

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Among hatches the Swift has well designed tail lamps that blend well with the rear design. The best among sedans is the Mercedes E Class. <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

 Among SUV

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1. New Honda City

2.Honda  Civic

3. Chevrolet Cruze

4. Old Honda City (Before the ZX version)

5.Mitsubishi Montero

6.Merc C-Class

7. Ford Fiesta

8. Chevrolet AVEO

9.Hyundai i20

10.Honda Accord

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@cyrus....i knew u wud have a distructive opinion 4 ur choice... to say the least:P

Of course!! The car is brilliant isnt it!! Better than the X6 i must say! And I know some people around you may disagree.... smiley2.gif

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I would not only consider the shape but also its glowing effect. For instance ANHC has good shape lights but does not look upmarket when it glows, the ZX had better effect.

Mine are as follows.

--A segment - Santro - nothing to beat its double barrel elegant looking tail lamps.

--A+ - Punto & Jazz

--Sedan - Its Linea for sure.

--Premium midsize - Civic & Jetta. Jetta's gives very good effect.

--Upper premium sedans - New Accord.

--premium Suv's - Outlander - Love those LED's

--Luxury sedans - BMW 5series for sure, the effect is mindblowing especially with that thin indicator strip. Also 7Series gives good effect.

--Sports car - Lamborghini gallardo & M3 for sure.

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