Fiat 500

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January - 2
February - 1
March - 1
April - 4
May - 3
June - 2
July - 5
August - 0

Total = 18

These are not bad numbers considering it is a Fiat' date=' priced ridiculously because of being an import, is a 2-door car and with only 75 bhp multijet under the hood.

I wonder what sales it would have received if it would have been produced in India.

Saw a red one parked in the Kolkata Tata showroom in Ballygunge area during my trip there3/4 days ago. looked stunning but the cost - some 18 lakhs is turning away the buyers.

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Hi Guys! I was one of the lucky people to have the privilige to visit a display of all the golden beauties of old times yesterday here in sydney. The beauties include Fiat 500 (Oldest form), Ford Mustang, Mazdas, Holdens and much much more.

Not sure where to upload the pics, but since we are talking about the Fiat 500 here, i will try uploading a few of these here.


FIAT 500!


Rear Engine, the owner did not let me touch it hence could not get a clear view!


Front Badge, Owner has done some updates!!


Another one! the ones standing by also are the Fiat 500s




sharash2009-09-21 03:18:01

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Yo think it is rare that people buy second or third cars in India. How kiddish. You are' date=' my friend, seriously underestimating India's monetary power.

Fiat 500 is a disaster because it costs 20000 EURO

I hope the point is clear.

Ok sorry,

I try to discover the Indian market with this forum

All your comments are interesting, if I'm wrong tell me, is important

The automotive press almost never speaks of India except to criticize the Tata Nano

This forum allows me to discover another reality, thank you!

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He's right. The Euro is for 70.

The point we were discussing here was that since Fiat has a manufacturing facility here now(I think its TATA's) and they are using it to produce and export the Linea(Autocar Mag-Sep09) and maybe Punto, they can certainly produce the 500 here. And if priced more reasonably i.e. 50 to 60% of what it is costing right now, they might be able to do much much better numbers.


The purchasing power of Indians in the cities is rather impressive and you would be suprised to know how meny prospective customers Fiat can find if they market the product properly.

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though FIAT 500 is a unique car, is too tiny car for this price....(typical indian mindset)......


look at honda JAZZ...though bit overpriced, it is a huge CAR with classy engine making it command the premium & sell in LARGE numbers.....for 8-9 lakh......


fiat knows very well that if it cannot push sales of its Palio being a VFM Quality car,  how on earth will it manage to sell  FIAT 500 for Rs.9-10 lakh, if made in india. 

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Hi Guys


I was wondering' date=' had Fiat priced the 500 a little more reasonably, would they have amanged to sell more units. I know they brought it in as a boutigque product and not as a real seller but still, 15 lacs is unbelievable. I assumed it would be a CBU but still considering the price range for the 500 starts from 7 lacs i think they over priced it.


Lets say, Fiat launces a 7-8 lac stripped down version of the car. Would any one of you consider it?



I am quoting myself because apparently Fiat is doing what I hoped they would. Here are the articles.

Fiat 500 to soon start second India innings
19 Jul 2010, 0717 hrs IST


NEW DELHI: Fiat is re-launching its flagship compact marquee Cinquecento, popularly known as Fiat 500, in the next few months. This follows the

successful entry of Volkswagen

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Well good move but still i dont think it will make much difference, Beetle is selling because of VW's brand value in India & Beetle's cuteness & brand over every corner of the world while its not same with Fiat 500, neither the product nor brand holds such value.

And i dont think prices are gonna drop much, i feel they will highlight their prices now through media to show that they are selling it at very competitive prices when compared. Also one more thing they can do is the availability of car at Display, currently its only available at 4 Tata owned showrooms while Beetle is available in almost all 40odd VW dealers, that matters a LOT.

Also think, people are still not preferring Punto or Linea for its Fiat brand, so why would any one buy an expensive iconic small car without the Brand value or with such a behaviour of Tata personnel's.

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fiat 500 I guess is the only car which falls in all price brackets.

It starts of from some GBP 9,465 which is 200 pounds cheaper than the basic polo and goes up to a whooping GBP 26,900 which is more expensive than a Audi A6!

Driven by a lot of celebs as a sign that they are down to earth people. But I guess that image doesn't really count for the indian market, now does it.

As I was told by the Tata dealer (he was kind of a weird folk) the new 500 BSIV is going to cost some 22 lacs+ on road mumbai. He did print this out in a proper price list format to give it to me (thought it made it in front of me in MS word). But the way things seem 500 prices are going up and this model is no where close to the top end variant.

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Just got a mail in my inbox, Fiat 500 has got a new more expensive model out. This one for 29,600 pounds. Its called "Fiat Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari ".

Here is the full story

The Fiat Abarth 500 is arriving in even more exclusive style as the Fiat Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari. There will be only 152 available of this exclusive car in the UK and it is priced at approximately ?29,600.

The Fiat Abarth 697 Tributo Ferrari is powered by a 1368 cc turbocharged engine producing 180bhp at 5500rpm and 250Nm torque at 3000rpm; the Fiat Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari can accelerate from 0-62mph in seven seconds and has a top speed of 140mph. However, the frugal engine can return 43.3mpg on the combined cycle.

There is a comprehensive list of equipment including five airbags, electronic stability programme (ESP), torque transfer control (TTC), sport button, power steering, automatic climate control, xenon headlights, Blue&Me hands-free infotainment, Abarth leather steering wheel,

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