2010 Ford Fiesta Sedan spied in Europe.

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The next generation Ford Fiesta spied in Europe. This model may find its way to India as well, as the replacement for the current Fiesta. According to the World Car Fans website, there are only minor changes to the exterior of the model already launched in November 2008 in China.












Some pictures of the model launched in China.








jimgeo2009-09-04 10:56:45

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Front looks decent. The way the rear blends with the rest of the car reminds me of the Linea. The boot space might be humongous but it certainly looks like an add-on. Any idea about the engine lineup in China?

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In my view the current fiesta in india looks decent and much better than this 2010 Ford Fiesta. The current fiesta in india looks like real sedan. The cockpit, engine hood and rear deck lid hood size of indian fiesta are in accurate proportion in size and gives amazing looks to ford fiesta. Infact in my view the indian fiesta is much better looking than honda city and many other rivals.

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