New Mercedes E Class Test Drive Report.

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The backbone of the Mercedes-Benz range in <?:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />India is the E-class. In fact, the German luxury car maker started its Indian operations in 1995 with the E-class and this model has always been the bread-and-butter product for the company.

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Unlike the outgoing E-class (W211), which was an evolution of the car that preceded it (W210), the latest E-class (W212) is quite a radical departure from the rounded and softer lines of the car it replaces. Mercedes-Benz has gone back to the drawing board and delivered a saloon with an upright, angular and overtly three-box shape. In fact, like the S-class, there

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Great review- the Mercedes goes on getting better and better.The E Class is among the best from the Merc stable. The C Class looks a bit small for the Merc while the S Class is gorgeous and huge for a sedan.

The design is getting improved and better by the years.

As they say so many cars are made to look like a Mercedes but none is a Mercedes! Very True Indeed!

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Right, in case of Editing a post, member must be sent a PM or reasons cited for editing. Or there could be a separate thread where all edited posts could be mentioned by the anyone who is moderating.

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