Booked i20 CRDi...Now Delivered

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Here is a brief review of my i20 CRDi .


What Was I Looking For
As you know I went in nearly all the segment to look for a car for us.
Last year I anxiously waited for the i20 but with in 20secs of test drive the car felt too weak which I had beted with Hyundai salesman
Then came the linea with its great and sexy looks I wanted it (looks better than city to me). My dad still says why didn't we buy it only reason
I said lack of onright performance.
Then came news that Ritz is round the corner saw it we loved its petrol engine but the bumped rear and really boxy rear proportions
made it look bad and it looked a segment down to the swift.
Ford fiesta caught my eyes especially the S one I almost booked it but then the model it too old and we wanted to keep car till
its in no working condition. I got good discounts went for red Sxi with white S spoiler package (didn't like S's interiors).Anyway
there were some financial probs.
Dissappointed me went to look at all the new car launches and Td's city,jazz,punto (P&D),cedia,dzire,linea P
Then I got an info on early launch of CRDi i20 and prompted my dad . It got launched with higher price though but lesser than JAzz
also when compared to Punto it does everthing better (except may be rear suspension).
In late August I brainwashed my dad that we needed a new car (almost 15th time I demanded this). I said if you agree I will come
right away and book the car. He asked which car I said trust me don't ask this question.I reached first went to TD Punto really
dissappointed on visibility ,clutch and power. Went to HMP near Phoniex mills . Did a TD a gave thumb up to dad then he Tded it
and was impressed.Got delivery on 28 sept. Since then Car has been driven over 500km (one week we were not in town).


Dealer Experience
Best dealer (not excellent will tell you later)
On delivery day SBi played worst enemy the loan was not processed even after one months and then dad broke his FD and paid some
money SBi was very sorry (still 2 lakhs to pay more) SBi cleared the loan on saturday (delivery on monday dussera) we go to dealer
he has the vehicle but the 2 lakhs hasn't reached .Talked to the head in HMP they took a letter from us saying the money will be given
in 2 days and gave us the vehicle (how sweet , I was going to bark at my dad if this wouldn't have had happened I told him SBi is
stupid) anyways took the delivery initial response really good for city next day left to Nagpur (I study there).

The dealer is not excellent because they still have to get me my mud flaps and carpet mats I kind of showed agression yesterday
and he said if its not available on tuesday he will pay me back twice.

Thanks Anjan ! they are really good at service coming on diwali day and doing job.

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I came here on diwali vacation and since yesterday driven a distace of 113kms and max speed of 145kmph on marine drive @5th gear 2200rpm.
THe car is giving a milege of 13 kpl in city traffic.
I love the turbo lag as opposed by others you don't always want to have that much strong response initially in bumper to bumper traffic.
It is really silent with AC on (better than my ZEN). I love the electric mirrors especially the folding option.
AC is above average will check today after the sunfilm are installed.


Its a marvel no better words to describe it .


Its on the softer side better comforting than my old zen


It the only link my dad and me didn't like. The odd placement of reverse is something getting used to also its slicker than zen
but sometimes I don't really know which gear I am in . May be good torque comes to rescue and car moves easily in nearly all gears


It simple you love it or hate it. Hyundai really though well to put chocolate colour on the top of dashboard and near window sill
Unlike the i10 which really has beige reflection in all time of the day.


I love it the merc slk front and the rear and side looks well proportioned . I actually was looking for the exhaust today (wanted to
put chrome tip) but it is hidden neatly near rear right wheel. The tail lamp look elegant and cant look any better than it is today


This is a part which dissappointed me the light are poor (though fog lamp is good) I will upgrade next year.


Tomorrow I am going to Dahanu road and lets see how car performs.

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Here are the 3M films installed and the visibility is great and the cooling is really excellent I can say money spent well See pics
sorry for poor quality.
Here the 3M guy is cutting the CR70 film on the windscreen


look for the transparent 3M showing genuine film


The guy showed me his Id card


As promised guys I have posted my review of 3M and I can say that the AC is performing well and the visibility is better than the coloured film used in my Zen.

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Thanks for the review rush, I too like i20's looks from the front.

Here are some ques. to you:

- How's the front driver seat legroom, seating position, driving comfort & are the seats adjustable for height in all models?

- How's the ride quality over speedbreakers, potholes?

- Is the seating low & how's ingress & egress?


Plenty of queries for you!

When I test drove i20, I found the steering to be overservoed & ride was not absorbent.


Also, what are the reasons which made you choose i20 over Punto?

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@speed its not rush its rssh

The drivers seat has long list of adjustment is very comfy it grabs you.

The suspension being a little softer does wonders for the ride comfort especially over pot holes . ingress is pretty neutral . I can't really say much about the steering since I have upgraded from non power steering model but I can say the steering is precise for city traffic .


About ride I can say it is rough over small undulations but good for very bad roads . I too felt this in the petrol varient but in diesel engine being heavier makes wonders .


Reasons for not going for punto

1. long clutch travel

2. wrong side indicators (I can't get used to it even with 25mins drive)

3. Interior quaity of i20 is much better than Punto

4. More roomier rear seats and leg space too

5. I found the A pillar visibility poor in Punto also the center panel rubs with my clutch foot.

6. This can be a silly reason but spare not alloy.

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Oh ya my bad its rash!smiley17.gif

You answered my list of queries pretty well!

Ok, so the drivers seat is comfy. Did you use the telescopic option(steering)?

Is the seating low as in Zen, I do not like crouched sitting positions, because Im tall, getting in/out should be easy.


I TD'ed the car over bad roads, over speedbreakers it bounces a lot.


What I liked about Punto was its very attractive price, a whole lot cheaper than i20.

Though I got used to the Indicators quite easily.

Front seat of Punto is pretty generous too but not so in the rear.

My biggest concern about Punto is Fiat's after sales service & quality of materials used.

Also, a faster diesel engine should come by.


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Congrats rssh, surely this one is the best hatch in that segment. Its Jack of all but master of none and that only gives it a image of all-rounder and VFM considering the features you are getting. So when are you planning a long trip, do post a report and tell us how does it drives and handles on highways .bluesapphire2009-10-18 07:52:32

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@speed yesterday I filled in air and the tyres had almost 40psi air in them ,I knew new cars come with excess pressure after that ride improved for great, yesterday I did almost 350km and no aches etc. The 3I found the 1st gear a little shorter but good in city.

We managed a top speed of 175kmph on NH8 after Virar but then it lost out steam may be because it was boot full with 5 people, anyways the sense of stability on these speed is great except for tyre noise .

@BS the handling is pretty neutral point it and it goes not as great as in fiesta S though , wider tyre upgrade will do it wonder though.

3M film was the hero parked the car in sunlight and came after lunch and it wasn't a sauna at all like in our Zen.

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Hi rush, 40psi seems too much! If I over inflate the tyres of my car, the ride quality starts deteriorating. Plus, over-inflation can be detrimental to to the tyres.

175km/hr!! That's due to the huge speedo error which in turn is due to the over-inflation.

Excessive tyre noise also must have been due to over-inflation.


BTW, I have seen a couple of i20's with broken rear view mirrors, one even touched my car. Hope yours is fine!

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Guys should I opt for after market waxpolish ?


There was a colour polish I saw in Aci performance show in 07 , they said apply the crayon kind of paste (they had it , you can choose the cayon on the basis of your car colour) then spray and smoothly round wax it .


I am hesitant on going for spray wax as I have heard many disadvantage to solid waxes. Need help!!smiley26.gif

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@rssh: "Well guys my sister made the first big scratch on my red boy need your suggestion on how to sort it out".

This is nothing: Dab some Old Spice aftershave on cotton wool and rub the scratch away. You will be amazed at the results.

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This is nothing: Dab some Old Spice aftershave on cotton wool and rub the scratch away. You will be amazed at the results.
  even the nail polish remover can be used to remove scratches with the help of cotton ofcourse.

Also if these arent helpful just tell the company while giving your car to service to see if the can give a touch up, in most cases it helps as your car is new dealer will try to impress you. This happened with my Spark, almost everytime they did some touch ups even without saying, even now i said them to do the same but then as the Mint Green color is no more available, it was not with the company and said that they will order the color only if they have some car with accident job of same color.

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Some cons of owning i20


There are just too many thing that can go wrong with the car (soo many indications you need to be alert to see one



The carpet mats OE for the car suck they are too small for the car of this size .My zen has bigger mats,  they tend to slip and they are not designed to go in the cavity near the transmission tunnel let the pics do the talking





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I saw some people putting a driver and front passenger hand rest and mounting it on the rear cup holder but then the cup holder is removed to access the handbrake wires etc so I have put down the plans to put on the hand rest .




The plastic I am holding is fragile and a good kick can break it easily anyways the space there is useless nothing can be stored there.



The pros

The glove box is really very big and is thoughtfully laid out in the upper part the cars manual fits in perfectly and the door (of the glove box) storage space is great for keeping pen and registration papers.




Tha ashtray fits in easily and though I am not a smoker so I use it as a dustbin to keep off paper and and thrown thing inside . It fits perfectly in the space alloted to it and doesn't ratlle as I would have though it would




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Problem on my i20 ,the bush of the steering damper needs to be changed I followed this thread closely and realised that I also had the same problem


After visiting service centre they said the part will come in 5days so waiting for it. Anyways wrote to Hyundai as to create awarness to the service centre to store the part.


Surprisingly I wasn't expecting a mail reply so fast as I have read for other companies . They sent me a reply in 24hrs



Dear Customer,
This has reference to your mail regarding your Hyundai vehicle.
Please note that we are in receipt of your e-mail, we shall be advising our concerned Regional Office to coordinate with our dealer to arrange for necessary action to address your concern. You shall be hearing from our Dealer / Area Office within 3 working days. Please bear with us till such time.
In case you are not contacted within 3 working days,  you may contact our Regional Offices from Monday to Friday  between 8 am till 6 pm at:-
HMIL North Regional Office       Service Support                        Ms. Neetu                     0172-6605000
                                                Sales Support                           Ms. Harpreet                 0172-6605029
HMIL South Regional Office      Service Support            Ms. Latha                      044-42204623
                                                Sales Support                           Mr. Sivakumar               044-42204674
HMIL Central Regional Office     Service Support                        Ms. Jayshree                011-66241100
                                                Sales Support               Ms.Aparna                    011-66241100
HMIL West Regional Office       Service Support                        Mr. Swapna                   022-40969028
                                               Sales Support                           Ms. Juanita                   022-40969035
HMIL East Regional Office         Service Support                        Mr.  Chaitanya               033-40060047
                                                Sales Support               Ms. Subhadra               033-40060047
For any queries/complaints on product and service you may also reach us at our 24X7 Customer Care Toll Free Number: 1800-11-4645 (From MTNL/BSNL) or 9873564645 from others.
Thanking you and assuring you of our best possible services at all times.
Customer Relations
Hyundai Motor India Ltd.


Anyways the Regional officer called me up and I said that I don't stay here too often so I want the work done really good . (I am leaving to Nagpur tomorrow thats why).

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Yes the scratch marks have vanished except for the chipped off paint from the bumper . Anyways I won't bother much about painting the plastic part. Anyways I am loving this car the FE in last check was only 13kpl on really big traffic with AC on and some spirited driving.

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