Booked i20 CRDi...Now Delivered

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The Service Advisor himself said that alternator can be repaired outside at a fraction of cost of replacing with a new one. Its not rocket science but it should be done properly and hence I am going to a service centre who only repairs starter motors and alternator and many people recommend him.

I can live w/o airbag but alternator is a priority and the SA himself said first repair the alternator then he will check the airbag module again.

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Finally got my alternator repaired and its been running good with no battery light when the car is switched on.

Shop - Best Auto Electric (Lucas-Bosch-Amaron dealer)

Address - Next to shetty motors (on the right when going from Charni Road, Kenndy Bridge, Opera House

Phone - 23826037 / 23896036

Work - Specialist in Alternator and Starter Motor ,also have bosch and Lucas horn range, good quality relay, really skilled and XP labour.

I was there since 9am and reached home at 7pm.

Got the following additional things done

Better relay (thicker wire) for headlamp

Lucas Twin Horn (premium car like sound) while keeping the stock horn (toggling btw them by a switch)

Replaced the rooflamp switch (Hyundai always replaces it @1300bucks)

And a couple of fuses

Alternator repair took the most time because the Alternator (make Velco) is rare since mine is Koran make and imported (along with the engine ofcourse) and even in aftermaket their parts are rare to find and buy (if you don't get in Opera House then almost no other aftermaket place in India might have it).

Also removing the alternator is a headache in i20 D since there is hardly any pace to dissemble and remove it. In petrol i20 anyone car remove it though with basic tools. Got the pulley and the alternator cut-out replaced but still there was an error since alternator had lesser resistance across the ECM so a light bulb was added to correct it. (The pulley was damaged as it was moving with clock and anti-clockwise hence cooked the airbag control module). I have uploaded the bill for the above things below and ask me any question.

Also they have given me a 4 months warranty on the repairs and many people vouch for their work (know people who have serviced from him). The cost may seem expensive but even in aftermarket the alternator costs 22-24k (HASS had it for 30k).

Alternator opened




Alternator cut-out


Another angle


New Pulley


Installing Horn and relay


Horn relay


Routing the wire


Headlamp relay


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Changed 4 tyres yesterday in OE spec to Yokohama Earth 1 @ 36k kms. First impression is good but I will run them atleast 3k kms for definitive verdict.

Apollo OE stock tyres were manufactured in 2909 (i.e. 29 week of 2009) but 2 tyres had severe puncture in them and constantly lost air pressure also they were more worn out due to faulty alignment.

Now I had promised myself an upsize to 15 inch alloys and wider tyres 195/55R15 spec atleast but it didn't materialize (damn should have done it after delivery itself). Now dad didn't want to change the OE alloys so I searched the market for 195/60R14 and 205/60R14 tyres but really didn't get many options. I wanted the Bridgestone MY02 205/60R14 but no dealer in Mumbai had them (why put the size on website when you don't even want to release the tyres). So the Michlein XM2 were really expensive for what is a bit more quality rubber @ 6200 a piece. Also yoko dealer had ES100 in 205 and 195 specs but these are performance tyres and will create a racket on cement road and after say 20k kms.

Now in OE spec (185/65R14) Yoko had Earth 1 , C ,S and A drive . I wanted the C drive since it best for known for low noise @4700 but the latest tyres were 0413 and I didn't want tyres more than 6 months old so Earth 1 it was. Also I got free wheels alignment and balancing and black and decker vaccum cleaner (ps if someone is interested in it pm me I haven't broken the seal). Plus they gave in WD40 250 buck can for free and I got my old tyres back and will decide what to do with them.

Apollo really have stiffer sidewall which I could feel when I pressed it uninflated, but the Earth 1 is a bit more softer to press, the softest it ES100 and I fear about tyre bulge on pothole.

The apollo cost @ 4050 and earth 1 @ 4400


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