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Hey guys m a 19 year old boy whos is confused up.

i actually wanna buy 150cc class bike but m a bit confused between new pulsar 150cc, Apache 160 Fi and Yamaha FZ.

Guys please help me out which 1 should i choose.

my concerns are great power, city friendly handling, good economy(related with

services too).

My height is  5ft 11inch.

Please help me out guys............

Also ive heard that the new pulsar150 is slightly tuned up. Is it true?

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5ft 11inch

That means the apache and FZ16 are out because they are good for people in the height group of 5ft 5inch-5ft 8 inch.

That leaves you with pulsar.

Anyways, why dont you consider the X-treme or the Hunk?winner482009-09-07 15:18:49

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yeah i do agree with u about pulsar 180...

but d prob. in dat bike is dat it dosent delivers good average......

also ive heard dat d 180 engine needs 2 b looked after a lot........

and even though we dont get d power of d bike after 2-3 years even if maintained neatly........

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Guys i ve undergone test drives of all 150 cc bikes .........recently....

i think d apache 160 fi is a good option.......

but just tell me dat does its fuel injectors need to be looked after?????

also wat can i do to minimise d engine vibes.........

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actually winner148 i think dat hunk and xtreme r not good for me in terms of power.........

they lack dat strong power dat pulsar and apache 160fi have..................

so dats d reason m not opting for dese 2........

ne more options guys...........

i recently red in Autocar magazine of August 09 issue dat a new apache (150) is

soon coming up..........

is dis true...........

n by when will it come?////

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You can get the apache 180 with lesser price than compared to the fi varient but trust me even I love the RTR I am 6feet tall and it a let down that TVS doesn't make products for people with good height , I felt comfy in pulsar,unicorn and Fazer(due to improved foot rest and handle bar placement than normal Fz).

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Well guys, i have taken d YELLOW coloured apache. I know

that many ppl will not like the jazzy yellow colour, But i had no option,

as TVS provides only 3 colours for the APACHE 160 Fismiley19.gif. the colours are YELLOW, ORANGE, DULL GREY. i have

decided on yellow, because  the orange colour looks as if i am from SHIV

SENA . The other is the dull grey which

has no shine. Thus due to all such reasons i took the yellow colour.

  Well where performance is concerned, this apache leaves no chance for

other bikes to overtake it. Also for the money pinchers like me, the FUEL

INJECTION provides best average of 55kmpl in the city and 60kmpl out on the

highway. Well i have rode this apache very much. So much that i  clocked

500 km just within six days of purchasesmiley2.gif.

 Also i like the macho air scoops this apache has. The handling in Nasik city (where i live)

is just fantastic. I tried out Pulsar 150 (new) which belongs to one

of   my friend, but i find myself more comfortable  on the


So far so good. But when it comes to the part of vibrations, the apache makes

me go crazy. At high RPM`s like around 5k, vibrations sets in through the foot

rests and the handle barssmiley19.gif. But once past 5.5K, the apache (only the fuel

injected version) goes on  smoothly. Also the tyres on the stock apache

are not good. They shreik out their protest at the slightest hint of hard

breaking. But still they are good for burnoutssmiley2.gif .

But who cares for these flaws in the apache when it provides you a healthy 15.7

bhp.@ 8500 rpm.


Also i thank autocar india

for giving in the exact information about the bike in your road testsmiley32.gif.


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