used premier 118NE/137D

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You need not spend 20,000 for a 118 NE or a 138 D. One of my cousins sold his 95/96 model(i am not sure which year) 138D in 2005 for 15,000 rupees. The car was in excellent condition. So, I think now you can get it  for 5,000 or even free of cost with a lots of thanks from the owner who does not have much space in his garage or yard.  Can we know the reason/purpose why you are looking for the particular car?

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True Durange Dude thats kind of good money for any premier.I know of some people who sold Premiers for the value of the metal scrap.

Thats how the cars disappear as most of these are scrapped when the prices fall down.. Then there's a lull and after a decade or so its classic qualities and rare availability is talked about.

But back to the topic RoyM 5 you can get a very good Premier118NE/ padmini/ 137D/ 1,.38D for about Rs 10- 15 K.Do try and you will get one in a very good condition too.

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If you are very serious about your choices Look for 118NE and/or UNO Diesel. Don't go for 137D or UNO Petrol.

118NE for it's Nissan Engine , Smooth Gears, big cabin space ,very comfortable backseat as well as Driver's seat and best visibility.

UNO Diesel for it's 1.9L Diesel Engine which had some nice punch and also for it's ride and big boot and cabin space. But avoid it for it's very low ground clearance and vulnerable to damage at the bottom. 

For both the above cars getting and finding parts is a challenging job. I am sure you must have considered this point before making your decision.

But why only 118NE or UNO ? why not any Maruti vehicle or even Premier Padmini ?  

Why you are choosing these vehicles ? any specific reason or for some personal emotional reason ? 

Considering your choice Premier Padmini (Petrol) will also be a nice choice and you will get one at the budget inbetween 10K-20K .  Even you can get Daewoo Cielo and Fiat Palio inbetween 10K to 20K.

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Contessa would look great with some exterior and interior modifications and bright colours and with nice set of alloys. It has the feel of Ford Shelby Mustang and would look great if given proper details.


But it is difficult to find Contessa in good condition.

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