Palio lovers, we have a new fan- VW Polo

Do you feel Polo and Palio looks similar  

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Hi Friends,

I know theres a whole lot of Palio lovers in this forum. But the sale and resale of it killed the product. It was a hot looking hatch which drove many motoring enthus crazy in its time. Recently also Palio has a big fan, by name Polo.


See the simiarities man,





This time its not a Chinese but a German. So when you see a VW and say Wow, say a wow also to Fiat for its Palio

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Polo will be a big success in India if it is priced at the starting range of 4lakhs as rumoured. Polos are definitely one of the best selling models in whichever markets they are present.

@ Creativebala: Your comparison is good. It has similarities with Palio. When a German copies an Italian it can be called innovative just like we call some RESEARCH works. Most of the researches in any field are glorified thefts.

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The VW Polo is a solidly build car. I am sure Fiat lovers will take to it. But,pricing will be crucial if the Polo has to do well in India. Its cousin, the Fabia, continues to be overpriced for the spec and engines it offers.

The made-in-India Polo should be cheaper to produce, so hopefully the on-road prices will reflect that.

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That is the 1.8R Palio. I sooo hoped and Prayed we would get this here. But we never did' date=' and never will...[/quote']


Brazil gets all the great engines of Fiat since Fiat is the market leader of Brazil.

Specifications of this 1.8 R Palio...

Displacement =1796 cc

Power = 111 bhp @ 5500 rpm

Torque = 176.6 Nm @ 2800 rpm

No. of valves = 8

This is a torque engine...

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whoa! i wish i can get my hands on a car like this!

Many Fiat dealerships have started to say some words about Linea 1.6 Mjd launch in 2009 end.

Do take a test drive of is even better than this is a combination of Power and Fuel efficiency. Italiaspeed confirms that it is even more fuel efficient than the 1.3 Mjd.

If the Linea 1.6 Mjd is launching, my Linea 1.4 Fire is up for sale..smiley17.gif...!!!

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yea.... 1.6 Mulijet will be full of fire...ready to sprint. And that too with the impressive multi-jet technology. It'll ignite fire on the road..

On Team-Bhp, the scoop master Sidindica has written the following:

"The car will come with 1.6 MJD, 1598 cc, 105 ps@ 4000 rpm and 29.6 kg-m

torque@ 1500-1700 rpm with FGT 16v DOHC 5 speed manual in november/


More updates will be on place in a given span of time."

This engine will be a hoot to drive....Look at the torque..!!!!

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