Ford's New Small Car : Ford FIGO

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I was thinking of doing this since I bought my Figo but was unable to do so. Dear friends, just fasten your seat belts and go through 6K plus kms ownership report of a FiGo TDCi Zxi !

I bought my Moondust Silver Ford Figo 1.4 Zxi TDCi on 24.3.2010. I was bowled by the looks, available space in the cabin and the boot, the engine options and the variants at the price offered by Ford. I had booked a 1.4Exi on 10th March but changed it to Zxi after 2 days. I was lucky to have got my car delivered in 2 weeks time (first lot) as now(June2010) it has got a waiting period of 4months !!

Soon after taking delivery I have changed the wheels to alloys keeping the same stock Apollo Accelere tyres the car came with. Except the sunfilm on the windows I didn

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Ford Figo shares the same old platform of the Fiesta. It also shares the

same engine. I think this vehicle will also fizzle out like the Ikon

and Fiesta which initially sold well but later have failed to gain

volumes. This can be attributed to the quality of the parts which fail

quickly like to AC compressor the AC fan and also problems with the

engine, which I and also my cousin have faced, and also the exuberant

cost of spared which is again a turn off.

So what ever may be the cost of spares incl Filters will be same as

Feista which will be quite costly except the body parts and cost of

servicing. Once people realise this then sales will start to tumble.

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This will not happen, as the reasons being Ford have extensively localised this car before launching the car & have got the Best balance of quality, priceĀ & reliability of the parts.

Proof being the Spare parts price list,


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