The Chevy Cruze Thread.

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wht discounts were u able to get?

and whts the on road cost?


Well am getting taking the Thane dilivery, so on road price was 14.30 for petrol, Deisel 14.70.

Now dealers are offering discounts from 40 - 80 k on petrol varients, Diesel has no discounts. My dad pulled some strings and got 40k discount on diesel+ discounts on accesorries.  
BornFree2009-12-17 14:04:01

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Laura is the better vehicle' date=' i was to buying the cruze > the probem is the cons are to bad to let you pay so much.


Edit - i have booked my laura allready, will be recieving dilivery by 1st week of jan. Do you live in mumbai ?


I am in Hisar, Haryana. Cruze people say its selling like hot cakes. On the other hand they are bugging me like hell following my visit to their showroom. Think Cruze craze has receeded. Seriously thinking of NOT buying it.


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Note from mod: use capital letters where required & avoid "-----" in sentences.
BornFree2009-12-18 09:28:29

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