World's fastest car Ultimate Aero to storm Indian

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The US-based Shelby Super Car (SSC), has decided to launch the World's fastest car Ultimate Aero in Mumbai in the next few months and follow it up with a Delhi launch, with a price tag of over Rs 6 crore that will make it the costliest car sold in the country.


The Aero is fitted with a fuel-injected 6.35-litre twin-turbo charged V8 engine delivering 1,183 bhp of power and is capable of reaching 0-60 km/hour in 2.7 seconds.


India will be the third market where the car, with a recorded speed of 413 kilometres per hour (257 mph), is sold after the US and Russia.

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But this car will not come to India because

1: No official company declaration.

2: It has very little Ground Clearence(Lambo has much more than this)

3: Very pricey

4: Where are the roads?
CYRUS432009-09-22 12:59:52

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am buying this car!

It will be like buying a superbike and riding it within home, we don't have roads for this in India.


Are you in Tata's or Ambani's family. Did you see its price. Rs 6 Crores.


For this, you may buy a Maybach and show off, as this one looks like a road side modded lancer.(compared to Maybach)
creativebala2009-09-28 19:41:28

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Mr Advocate, you will also be a better Accountant,

Your financial planning is amazing,

Of your list i think, fiesta can be replaced by a CRUZE or something in that segment. That makes an excellent garage.

So for that extra 5.5C, you will get an interest of say 4.5-5L every month with which you can fuel and spend with your friends right. Excellent


@ Pranab, learn from Winner, What an idea sirji?CYRUS432009-09-29 07:23:04

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CRUZE or something in that segment.


i never asked you to buy a Diesel. I said segment, which contains, Civic, Corolla, Laura, Jetta, Cruze, here not all are diesel.


All these cars are much better than, Fiesta. You still have 5.5C no, why hesitate then.

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