Anyone have this problem in ur bike

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Hi all,

I own a FZ 16. Covered 1800 kms in 2 n half months.  Until last month, ma bike tone from 0-70 kmph will be same without any stress..after 70 kmph there comes diff grunt noise (which I think normal for this 14 bhp )


Usually I drive in 50 - 70 kmph range.


but now only upto 50 kmph the sound is same. At 55 kmph I am feeling like my engine s under stress with a diff tone (which I dint feel yester months).


Is that a problem?..or any FZ users experiencing this?


I love my bike..so pls help me in this if u can





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hai, usualy a vibrant based or an irrelevent sounds will come due to non-lubricated chains, cross in a shock absorber, local brand or less amount of engine oil, or loosed spracket, and etc etc.. these are a common probs. but urs is the new bike, so there is less chance for all these.but, goto the showroom where you have bought and orally raise your complaint with high pitch voice then the showroom will solve your problem freely due to fear. haha.or else tell this fault to the service ststion of yamaha while leaving the bike for free service. mention this complaint specifically to the mechanic or in the complaint... surely you will be got satisfied... even sum types of problemshappend in my r15. but i told the problem to the service station specifically and got it serviced immediately by the yamaha mechanic at the spot itself. hehe.

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