The mini Pulsar - 135

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Bajaj Auto rectified its mistakes, making bikes on the name XCD.

And did the biggest brand error in the history of Indian automotive scene by naming XCD Sprint as Pulsar 135LS.

Effects of this would be simple, that the product Pulsar 135 would fail.

But the aftereffects of Pulsar 135 would be a stepping stone to devastation

- For the first time ever since 2001 the Pulsar lineup will see a failure.

- Majority of Pulsar buyers, up to 60% of them has either not walked into competition showrooms or have not test driven the competition. The buyer has a crystal clear mindset

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This Bike's Price, Size, Looks, Mileage, Power looks so perfect. I expect this Bajaj to give more sales than any of its previous 100+ cc bike.


A small piece of advice to Bajaj- Don't upgrade bike so frequently


@Mods, change title to


 The PULSAR miniMANIAc - Pulsar 135
creativebala2009-12-22 09:55:38

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The Pular bike is the best bike like by all the riders of the bike. That is a very special moment for anyone to make a great contribution in knowing the pulsar from bajaj is very good to use it.

It gives the special type of moment for others in making the great type of contribution in finding the special bike for our life. It is a great bike to use it for our life. This is the main type of feeling to be get it while everyone uses a lot of fine things for others to do it. It will definitely gives the best type of feeling for others in selecting the quality bikes with a lot of great intention in choosing it.

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@ Deepak.

How will Mahindra benefit from this?


i have browsed around many forums seeing lots of posts where as your post is much different.

hope you forgot to answer sadsack's question

if xcd is mistake and pulsar 135 is devastation, then what is right

also tell about herohonda

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