Alloys and Fog lamps for Honda City

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Hi all.. Got All New Honda City 1.5 SMT in Jul. Now want to put Alloy wheels and Fog lamps. Please help me out as to which brand should I go for. What are the things to be kept in mind. And the monitory effects.

Thanks a ton..

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If its for fog lamps then its nothing but 'HELLA"


 i went alloy wheel shopping a few weeks back....saw a lot of brands.... Neo,Prestige,League, HR, Lenso...i would go by most of the others....Aura alloys are good, reliable but boring..Neo wheels are smart looking and reliable, Prestige and League are very good looking and reliable(come in a lot of designs) and all of these above come with warranty on manufacturing no need to fret over damaged wheels.If you want to go for AURA...Please go ahead..they wont give u have been given wrong info about the wheels.

However if you ask me about how i would rate the alloys:
1. Prestige,League(14,500/- for 13 inchers,17,500/- for 14 inchers and the price moves up with the size)
2. Neo,HR(same price range as above)
3. for higher price brackets: Enkei,Lenso(35,000/- for 15 inchers and above)
4. OZ (cant say the exact price but for brand value OZ is unbeatable.)
5. Taiwanese, Thai Wheels(good looking but buy at your own risk)
6. Chinese Wheels(again...flashy and good looking but god save you)

Hope this helps.

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I am surprised that none of you have heard of ENKEI which manufactures alloys in India. it is a Jap company, I think they have dealers in India too since they have a plant in India. Check out the website

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talkin about Headlamp upgrade... have you gone for it in your ANHC ,,..??]

is it advisable to go in for higher wattage headlamps as currently i'm having 55/60 and i want to upgrade to 90/100 .. will it affect the inner reflectors? any issue with the heat generated by them damaging the inner of the headlamp case?driftpunk2009-10-29 09:30:07

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