Harley-davidson invades india

harley davidsin will succeed in india?  

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  1. 1. harley davidsin will succeed in india?

    • ..yes, it will.
    • ..no, it will not.

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I dont think Harleys would even be available for 4 Lakhs! Its quite a expensive prospect and would be limited to people who have loads of cash stacked and do not know where to put it.I dont see much of sales from Harleys in India!

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Harley bikes will carry a price tag of Rs 4 lacs to Rs 14 lacs.

Can anyone here(esp. Mods) confirm the 4 Lakh price tag?

I dont expect it to be so low.

I think its too little a price for the brand.

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but it can be helpfull in india i think. as far ever, our peoples have seen many rajdoots, royal enfields, yezdi java, and etc... now our current india"s generation"S taste is mostly for bikes like sports category.. exmple: ninja 250, r15, even zma-fi and p220-fi. their main intention is, the bike should be sexy as like any hayabusa, r1, ninja etc.... but anyhow , still chopper lovers are living in india at every city... hope they will be owning this tourister category davidson...


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