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Maybach, Bentley and a TATA (daimler)

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For those who thinks,

Tata owns 2 super luxury brands Jaguar and Land Rover, think again.


Tata has a brand in its kitty thats has a much more brand value, its the brand 108px-Daimler_logo.svg.png, whose competitors are Maybach and Bentley.


TATA, has full rights on Daimler and i don't know why Tata is killing this brand. This is not a small brand like Tion or Titan. Its a huuuuuuuuugggge brand. Sourcing engine and other technical know-hows won't be a problem as Fiat is now Tata's partner.


In this one step, Tata can move ahead of BMWs and Audis,  as far as Super Luxury cars are concerned.


Tata instead of fighting hard to join the Big Three (Merc, BMW, Audi), can easily join the Biggest Two ( Maybach & Bentley ).


Tata please revieve 108px-Daimler_logo.svg.png brand and make India proud in global arena

creativebala2009-09-28 19:34:08

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At first I was like WTF. Then went through entire history of Daimler brand and it was interesting to know the facts. Its funny to know that the company that builts Mercedes cacrs doesn't even have the exclusive rights to Daimler name.

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Mercedes wants to name its car as ,108px-Daimler_logo.svg.png but they can't         where as     Tata can use 108px-Daimler_logo.svg.png name, but can't produce a car, what a joke?smiley32.gif


Atleast if Tata doesn't want to make 108px-Daimler_logo.svg.png cars, they can sell of that brand and get a big fortune out of that, right.


But, I wish Tata to make


108px-Daimler_logo.svg.png  cars and establish it in Global Arena in Super Luxury Iconic cars in line with Bentley, Maybach, Rolls Royce

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