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A brief explanation of the membership levels here on the Autocar India Forums.

Unlicensed (Guest)


Guests can only access the forums. They are not allowed to create topics, post replies or have other benefits of the forum.



Learners License


Members with a Learners License are those with a post count of less than 50. They enjoy all the basic benefits of The Autocar India Forum. They CAN create new topics, they have access to the private messenger which can be used for private communication between members. They are not allowed to post in the Auto Trader section. This is only done to avoid spammers who just register to sell a product.


Apart from the above, they can only cast their votes in polls but are not allowed to create new polls.



Intermediate License


A member acquires an Intermediate License when he/she crosses a post count of 50 posts. Apart from the benefits of members with a Learners License, they get rights to post in Auto Trader, create polls and create calender events.  


Advanced License


A member is awarded an Advanced License when he/she crosses a post count of 1000 posts. They get all the benefits of members with an Intermediate License plus ability to upload images. 


Instructor License


They are your friendly neighbourhood moderators. It is their job to maintain the quality of content on the forum. They have the power to delete and edit errant posts. Please follow the rules and regulations to make their job easier.



Super License - Admin


The administrator has overall control of the forum and has the power to delete, edit posts and also ban members who are not following the rules and regulations despite warnings.



Thank you for your cooperation.


Best Regards,


Autocar India Forum Support
FuelRunGod2007-09-10 09:37:31
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Edit Function:


As per popular demand. A member may edit their posts. This feature is only available from Intermediate License onwards.


Format For Editing:


When adding new information to your post. Please follow the following protocol. Add anything new at the bottom of your post in the following manner.


EDIT: ***New Information***


If there were corrections. Please specify as follows:


EDIT: ***spelling correction***


Ensure, you add the EDIT when you enter new information so everybody knows that it was entered later.


Please follow these rules when editing your post. Thank you for your cooperation.




FuelRunGod2007-09-08 20:30:34
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