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what was your 1st VEHICLE???

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OK ..sit up n pay attention smiley37.gif

Hmmm, take a long breath and share yours wonderfull memories with us in this rotin machinary lifestyle.

Guys, as long we have crossed many memories in our life, We cannot forget our life"s first time owned vehicle.

In my family, we had a india"s good proudly muscled HINDUSTAN MOTER"S CONTESSA". A good black and white memory which i cant forget forever. A wonderfull remeberance when we travelled to 150kms from our house. the car was got stopped and didnt started in between of the highway due to the non changed engine oil for a long days. lolz.

Share yours wonderfull flashbacks in your posts.


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I dont remember my Dad's first car(probably an amby long before i was born) but my first car was a 3 year old black accent handed down to me by him. I loved it to bits.(may she rest in peace)

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Wow. This is going to be one Lonnnng Post:

Ok LEts See.

I was Born in 1988 and the car I came home in, Was MMY 43. My Dad's Rally Group N and Later Group A smiley2.gif Fiat.

It was a White car with a VERY loud exhaust, a Roll cage and a Twin carb setup.

image00668.jpg</a> w1024.png</a>

image00672.jpg</a> w1024.png</a>

We Also Had MAS 720 which was a Maruti Suzuki SS80 bought brand new in 1984. My Dad did Bombay Mahabaleshwar once in that car in 3 hours 15 mins, A record that stands till this day.

I remember vaguely that we had a bottle green colored Fiat which was once stolen and found abandoned in town after 15 days or so.

Growing up..... 1995:

My dad buys his First new car: A CJ 340 soft top in Red with a white roof, later changed to black. I had my First Off Road experience in that car.

Growing up......1996:

The CJ is sold.... smiley19.gif

And We buy my Grand Father's 1964 Fiat 1100. MRZ 3866.

This car was a completely sleeper, a rusty old Fiat from the outside, but, a super quick car on the insides, with a different Stage 1 cam, Different Head, Ported and polished obviously and a brilliant FreeFLow.

We sold her in 1998

Growing up.....1998:

We buy our first modern 800. A 1986 Full Jap Maruti 800 Deluxe. Sh was a beautiful Biscuit Cream car which was very very quick. We repainted her in 2001 in the same cream and sold her in around 2003 for a Lack.

Growing up....2000.

We get our Armada!!! A big day for us. Finally we have a BIG car. The day it came, we took it to the Fire Temple, and then the next day we left for Hyderabad. We stayed for a few days at a town called Zaheerabad, which was absolutely stunningly beautifull, and then for a few days in Hyderabad after that.

Growing up......2005.

The Fiat Craze resumes.

I am old enough now, and my fater has been making me work for the past few years in the garage on weekends. Cleaning Carbs, applying grease, Setting Tappets, putting new spark plugs, Draining and filling oil... you get the drift.

We get a call from my couzin's dad one daystating that there is a Padmini for sale. Immidiately, we leave for Ghatkopar, and Find a car rotting away in the corner of a compound....... We have found BLL 4919!!!!    smiley32.gif

Then the Madness Starts. Every weekend is spent on the car. Bits and niggles are sorted out till she becomes mechanically purrfect!!

And then she goes in for a Body off Restoration. Which takes 6 months. YES. 6 whole agonizing months!!

The Maruti Returns: We Buy a mint 1997 Maruti 800 in silver.

This will eventually be the First car I drive.

2006.....The madness continues.

We buy a 1958, and then a 1964 Fiat Super Select (the cream one). She was white when we bought it and in a few months she gets restored. We are now on a Roll.

2007. We buy MH 01 N 5507. The First Fiat I get to Drive as a Daily Driver. She was also white white a beautifull exhaust system!!

She unluckily developed engine problems!!   smiley19.gif

September 20th: Our Darling Scorpio arrives!! A HUGE day in our family.

In december, My Dad and me set voyage to the greatest Roadtrip we have ever had. Buying the Left Hand Drive from Kotayyam to Bombay!

2008: More...And More!!

We first pick up BLL 1144, which is a 1987 Blue Padmini, with a matt black hood and roof, and a HUGE offset stripe in white running across the bonnet. At one point of time, It even had a ridiculously noisy Half Pipe Exhaust, custom Fabricated by hand by yours truly!

Later that year, We buy MRF 6466. One of the crowning glory of our collection. She is a '64 Fiat 1100 Delite, with long bumpers. Quite a rarity.

2009........We drove down a 72 Fiat 1100 Delite small bumer from nashik. The car is not exactly in the best condition and might go in for a future Restoration. CYRUS432009-10-01 18:56:32

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oh my god!!! hey cyrus,it seems to be you have crossed  a big sea(history) of cars and with many solid standard good cars... hurrah, its happy for all our members for shared your memories with us. and we wishes you for the best of luck for your future histories and feels very proud for your dad too. he developed your knowledge.... really those lines i experianced like watched a interesting cinema.

-thank you pal.@cyrus

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We had a 1996 model Maruti 800. Fitted with gas in 2002. Served us well.

My dad drives a OHC still running like new.

Bought a Tata India Turbo DLG in 2005 after loving the space inside and TATA brand name a diesel@ that price, we could only afford it :)

Sold the Maruti and TATA now :(
sharash2009-10-02 00:53:31

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1975....Italian Fiat with the rounded boot - BML 9275, infact I remember it had a seperate kind of key which had to be fitted under the passenger glove box in the front to activate the battery, was theft proof i guess, cant imagine this technology did exist so many decades ago

1982....Premier Padmini - MRG 4810

1996....Maruti 800 - still use it

2004....Santro ZX

2009....Honda City AT

2012....Hopefully BMW (target car)

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sharsh, its good to hear pal. you have owned a big long lasting masters as a first cars. be proud for that.@sharsh

scorpionich@i still applause u for ur maruthi 800 and your padmini. those are really a kwool heroines in the old golden periods.

pranab@ yes, ambassador is one of the great leader in our indian history. still it rules, even it will be ruling always with its own footpath.

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We had a used biscuit color omni.

Then it was M800(around 1992-93) - our 1st brand new car bought by my father, i also learnt driving in same car.

then again in around 1996 we bought M800 both same white color,

then in 99 it was Silver Santro,

in 2003 it was Silver Honda City (Make 1)

in 2005 it was black Hyundai Getz,

and in 2007 its Mint Green Chevy Spark(my personal car),

and hopefully this year or early 2010 will come a new car in D segment.

My grandfather also had a Blue amby and white M800(made in japan).

2 Wheelers:

We had a white used kinetic, my mom used to drive it, & before owning a car my father also had bajaj scooter but i dont remember anything as i was year or 2 old at that time.

Then came blue Bajaj sunny(dont remember year as i was too small),

then in around 1994-96, came black kinetic honda, was a master piece, i learnt driving a gearless scooters on that only, sold in 2006 at Rs.1500 as it was fully damaged in 2006 floods in my city.

then came HH splendour(it was for my cousin who used to live with us), i learnt driving bike on that,

Then in 2002 dec, it was black Honda Activa was bought for home use but it was generally used by me only being the only child, sold it few months back only

then in 2005, my love black HH Karizma, i still love it and never plan to sell it until it gets in scrap condition.

bluesapphire2009-10-02 10:37:17

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smiley19.gifhey guys, smiley19.gif this is my first bike in india. KARIZMA-R. bought at nov2007.

but i didnt include my dad"s bike. this zma was bought by my own. lolz.. huhu, i still didnt sale it as a remenberance...


kms run: 7,500smiley19.gif




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My First CAR was a Maruti OMNI....


I made the best use of this one as i used to ferry clothes/fabric-garments regularly......


after pushing it to nearly 85000 kms, had to sell it due to frequent carburettor problem...otherwise its a nice entry level car......but need to drive carefully in highways...........


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My first vehicle (of course a 2 wheeler) was a TVS XL Super in my school days.This was gifted by my mother on the eve of Millenium(2000) ie exactly at Midnight 12. The keys were handed over at 12 in show room. This was a special request from my mother which was agreed by the dealer and he told it was a different experience for them too.

Next was a TVS Fiero. This was the first vehicle in my town and delivery was taken into records of the company.


Now I am driving Swift.


But before that my driving started with Amby's, Fiat which was there in my home when I was young and later replaced with 800.

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Friends, Please read the TOPIC Cccccccccllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy.

It is saying Vehicle and not Car or Bike. I think most of us would have started off with a bicyle (Bicycle is a vehicle)


My first Vehicle tolmol_119256531714016_BSA22_BIG.jpg a BSA SLR

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lolz. hey pal, ofcourse you are right. but it cant be considered as a vehicle na. may be bycycle can be taken due to the truth. but that 2years old baby cycles are too much of your naughtyness. keep on posting. smiley2.gif@crativbala machi


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