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Autocar India Magazine: Test Read Report

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Admin Note:

I know there is another thread running for the magazine review, but this thread is for a reader's general review and not a review of the monthly issue. You can tell us what you like and not like about the magazine in general and also tell us what you want.



I have been reading ACI mag. since its inception in India & enjoyed all these years thoroughly, still look for the new issue every month in great anticipation. ACI has never disappointed & quenched all my thirst for Automobile related stuff. Its the no. 1 Auto. mag. in India & not without a reason. Many automags have come & gone in the meantime but ACI always stood at the top. All the effort from the Team-ACI is very evident in the pages of the mag. I really thank ACI from the bottom of my heart for providing such a wonderful mag. to us.

I have dedicated this thread as a feedback for the ACI mag. where users can write their comments, what they like, what they would want to see in future, etc. Im starting with the October issue which is on stands.



Editorial : This is the best part which sets the tone for the pages to come. In a way its a summary of the whole mag. The main highlights of the month are covered under this. I always wish if it could be extended!smiley20.gif


Letter of the month : Important for a mag. shows customers interest & flavor. Also, points out Typing errors sometimes.


Scoop : I wait for this column, its kind of "breaking news" which we have become accustomed through watching various news channels.smiley32.gif


  This months scoop of the Ford Figo was great, it is an essential car from Ford's market perspective & equally important to the masses for being a small car.


News : Some essential news about newly introduced models/variants is always welcome & this month had the ANHC & Civic both segment leaders.


Petrosexual column comes as a breath of fresh air & breaks the monotony.

Also, featured was the new Land Rover Freelander, must say its pricing is spot on! New Teanna & X-Trail completed the news.


Confidential : My most sought after column, I wait for this the most, has all the news generated from the spy network! I would really love to see this column grow to become a full page event.smiley20.gif


This month : Market scene is another column that interests me the most. You come to know how the vehicles are performing on sales. Very important from new buyers POV too. Would certainly like to see it becoming a full page layout with increased coverage.


Caught on forum was an inspiring column, did not feature this month, little more space for the forum would go a long way in attracting more members.


Diary of a petrolhead : Again a very well written & anticipated column. This month Shapur touched upon a very valid & important point. SUV's are considered safe by most but on the contrary sedans prove safer on the highways. Countless lives are lost on our deadly highways & due to lack of knowledge/misconceptions. This article space also  needs to grow!


I have myself witnessed twisted crashes of SUV's on highways & occupants get badly hurt or even loose their lives.


Colin Goodwin : Sometimes articles are interesting but usually I give this space a miss!


I guess this has become a pretty long post, would continue in next posts....


FuelRunGod2009-10-03 14:05:26

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Welcome Sir, it feels great to receive accolades from the man himself!

All thanks to you & Team-ACI for giving us such a wonderful mag. which has become a part of our lives.


All the effort & the aura of burnt up midnight oil is evident in the mag.


But (someones) presence is/will surely be missed!
speed2009-10-03 14:49:07

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>I would like to add one point with respect to road tests. Kindly include some details regarding the major suppliers as this will definetely help to guage the car and also will help readers to knw some facts about auto Suppliers.CYRUS432009-10-04 09:45:27

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can you please give the sales figures of every company except for the top 10.

Can you, also, please include a Power Steering column in Buyer's Guide?

Except for these minor flaws, the magazine is perfect.

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This issue was in simple words amazing. A brilliant review of Kizashi and Vento along with the very good hatch tests. It was not very surprising to see that Swift still had the firepower to fend of its much larger and luxurious competitors thanks to its great driving experience and brilliant engine.

Diesel was not much of a surprise as Figo has a good engine, space and the huge value for money tag in its favour.

Also the explaination of Mileage tests was a very good and important article, so that the customers dont feel cheated at a later stage.

I would suggest the ACI which gives its mileage figures also give the SIAM figures. This would show them the real difference.

Also I think that i10 1.2 ought to have been included in the comparo, because anyone who has one eye set on Ritz has another eye on i10.

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