Is Punto MJD terribly Underpowered?

Punto MJD is  

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  1. 1. Punto MJD is

    • Good to drive in City
    • Pain to drive in City
    • Somewhat Drivable

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After seeing so many forums, I kept on hearing Punto is terribly underpowered and it is pain to drive it in City.


But my TD experience is , its OK, provided to shift to 3 gear at the earliest.

Punto owners and others, please share your opinions.

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^^ Whats the point of you voting on a pole if you've never driven a Punto MJD.

Its not underpowered - but someone who hasn't owned a diesel previously might think so. Our national engine (the MJD) has a narrow power band and actually accelerates quite well if driven in the right gear.

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Drivability is an area where Maruti has trumped Fiat using its engine. Due to the shear weight of Punto & Marutis being traditionally light, advantage goes to Maruti.

Punto feels sluggish is City, whereas Marutis dart from corner to corner.

Another bane of the Punto is its Interior materials quality, inherited from Tata.

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Punto MJD is not suitable in the city traffics ,


1.The horn is too hard and finger feels the pain not only in demo but also the display car.

2. The clutch is too long even for the petrol varient

3. poor A pillar visibility

4. Turning radius just sucks.


Good points

The engine response at slow speed is good (better than the swift) but the long clutch travel and poor visibility makes it a pain to drive .


My view no offence meant.

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It is not at all underpowered but you need to get out of Maruti and try these heavier cars and there unmatched ride and handling.

If you use this same engine to lighter cars then naturally it will be little more pappier but at the same time you can't enjoy that in the pathholed cities of India.

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