The great Indian Diesel Hatch comparo

Which is the best  

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  1. 1. Which is the best

    • Maruti Suzuki Swift
    • Tata Indica Vista
    • Fiat Grande Punto
    • Hyundai i20
    • Maruti Suzuki Ritz

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There was a time not long back when consumers in India were yelling for a diesel Hatch. Maruti listened to their hoarse voices & gave them the Swift Diesel with the brilliant or the National engine, the - Fiat multijet.

The car sold like hot cakes & commanded huge waiting periods & premium.

This gave other companies sleepless nights & bosses all over started finalizing plans to jump into the diesel hatchback segment.


Suddenly a slew of models started trickling in, most sharing the "National engine" & some developed their own motors. Now, the consumers have a good choice among the diesel hatch segment & it sometimes becomes confusing to choose the best according to particular needs. I have compiled some salient features along with the models here:


The Contenders:


Maruti Swift: This car has been the sweet heart of the masses for a considerable time now.


- Lovely shape & design

- Good handling

- Marutis excellent sales/service backup


- Rattles

- Interior space specially at the back


Tata Vista: The grown up Indica, is a good cut price option


- Spacious

- Ride quality


- Interior quality

- Tata's suspect after sales


Fiat Punto: It has those killing looks


- Looks

- Ride Quality

- Handling


- Interior  materials quality

- Fiat's suspect after sales

- Lethargic engine

- Rear space


Hyundai i20: A sensible Hyundai loaded with features


- looks

- Interiors

- Features


- High price

- Not hugely exciting to drive


Suzuki Ritz: New age Maruti with space


- Interior space

- Ride


- Looks

- Boot space


This thread shall give a definitive answer to the "million dollar question"! So, all who have seen, test driven or own these mini beauties, Vote & share your views.smiley20.gif




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it has to be the punto!

i20--this is ruled out as the diesel version is atleast 1.5 lakhs more expensive than the others listed here. this actually belongs to the premium hatch category along with fabia and jazz.

swift--2nd best, but not as great as the new punto!

ritz--very family sort of a hatch..doesnt look great from the rear, but it will out sell punto and the swift due to its practicality.

vista--must be cheapest here, it is a VFM package, but doesnt excel in any dept except for vfm and space. and i think its still not as refined as its counterparts.

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i20 is vastly superior than Swift, Ritz ir the Vista. The only car that comes close to it in comparison is the Grande Punto but even still I would pick the i20 for the mere fact that is amazingly loaded and is definately worth the price. World class hatch.

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Update: So the Punto is leading the pack as of now! There's a small twist in the tale though, going by the market figures, Swift D leads the sales charts. This proves the point that most voting in this poll are enthusiasts as opposed to general public buying cars. Punto sure has won the hearts of Auto enthusiasts with its Italian looks.


Increased inclination of public interest towards i20 is a stark change from earlier trends when people used to give preference to FE, Price, etc over Safety & features. This is by far the biggest change in attitudes & a very-very positive one, more so for Safety. This means that the general awareness levels have risen thanks to ever expanding media & its influence, ACI takes the cake!


Our all time favorite Swift couldn't be far from the party, it still commands a dedicated following thanks to its user friendliness, Marutis name, looks.


As expected Ritz & Vista are low on priority list of enthusiasts due to shape & appeal. Anyways they are accomplished cars in their own right.


I did not include Skoda Fabia in the list of things because as we all know its numbers have gone down drastically in the recent past & numerous issues with Skoda keep surfacing in media. Skoda hasn't shown signs of improvement, although has some wonderful cars in its lineup. First sticking to a high price tag & then reducing drastically also doesn't send across the right signals.


Overall, a clearer picture shall only emerge when the sample of voting grows, lets watch this space....!

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