Car Theft

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Hello to all beautiful ppl out on this forum,


This is my first post here. Reached here while surfng for some information on stolen cars. Yeah my Indigo dicor ( 2 yrs old 2007 may Model)got stolen !:( The police o far hasnt been able to trace it. Wonder if they ever try car got stolen in the early hrs of 1st oct. It was raining healy that night(30th) I was sleeping right above where the car was parked. Not a sound. The thieves seem to be highly professionals and technically very thorough.They cleany removed the back door glass by removing the beading and drove away my car..I miss my car stereo the most.had invested 60k in installing the system..When i woke up andrealised my car is missing ..i cudnt believe it..It took me 3 days for this to actually sink in..I still feel and hope somebody wd return my car...Police came to do the so called panchanama after 6 included only me signing some forms saying they have done the panchanama....Lol i had to tell the inspector time and again that no panchanama is done...Finally had to go and meet the JCP...wonder if anything is going to happen..This is the 2nd robbery in my house in last 2 yrs...Have l;ost faith in the Indian Police...Yet hoping they would do something..They say'  hope is like a rope that swings through life'!..LOL..Hail Indian Police Force smiley11.gif

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Hi & welcome to forum Shiningstar.

Sad to learn about your car, all our sympathies with you.

After so long, pray that the car does not return because if it does, you won't want to accept it due to ruined condition. Otherwise too the chances of return are grim as the great Indian police is at the helm!


Also, please take care posting, post in proper English/sentences for easy understanding & prompt replies. Also avoid the usage of "......".

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