i10 asta features not working?

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Please guys,


The ABS noise is only normal...dont sweat about it so much corolla also makes the same noise when brake is applied suddenly on ice, unpaved roads or on smooth need to raise it again at service centre and drive them crazy!

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No not yet. Everytime I call the call center, they give me a new complaint number. Apart from that they do nothing. Deal has no clue regarding this. His claim is as below,


dateThu, Jan 7, 2010 at 2:18 PM
subjectquery about immobilizer

hide details Jan 7 (13 days ago)


Dear Customer,

This is for your information, against the query raised by you regarding the immobilizer in vehicles. We have gone through this and after consultation with Hyundai, following is the suitable answer.

1.The manufacturer has the right to modify (add or delete) certain features in the vehicle at any point of time.

2.The said vehicle purchased by you did not have an immobilizer in it, as, in the particular month of manufacturing for this model; the factory was manufacturing vehicles without immobilizer.

3.Manufacturing changes also depend on stock available in hand, colors of particular models available in the said stock, etc.

4.In the above situation the dealer is not responsible for any manufacturing changes.

Kothari Hyundai apologizes for any inconvenience caused to you with that respect.

Thanks & Rgds,
Kothari Cars
Shweta Naik,

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