September 09 sales figures & Analyses.

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Its hardly surprising the Bolero sells in those numbers. It is cheap, rugged and does what its supposed to do. And the brand value it has garnered over the years in the rural crowd is unmatchable by others.


Just go outside any major city and you'll find Boleros all over the place. So much so that they are fast becoming a favourite with car thieves as well.



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When Bolero sells 8k & odd, why not Grande find its place in the list.

Its big, spacious, good GC, can seat 8 person in comfort, better engine. I agree it handles badly, but neither Bolero handles good. Pricewise it falls near Bolero.


Why Grande failing miserably, i don't understand?

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Growth figures of Honda are not to be taken too seriously. This is because Honda was about to launch the new version of its flagship model in the next month last year. Though 5000 City's sold is still a very good no. for a 9 lakh cr that is continuously criticised for being overpriced.

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