Ford Ikon Diesel 1.4 duratorq

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I bought the ford ikon 1.4 duratorq in Mar-09, Im facing a lot of problems. Can someone pls suggest me how can I overcome these?

1) Heavy Steering - Since the engine is heavy than the old ford diesel, the Steering is hard to steer the vehicle - "It feels like driving a truck" . I have given this complaint to Metro & Lathangi Ford bangalore. The answer I get from this is - "This is all that Ikon is, we cannot do anything". Is it that ford is not able to come around with a quick solution to the existing cars to fix this problem - by changing some system of the power steering to make the car feel light on the steering wheel or do they really not care?

2) Hard clutch - When I bought the car, the clutch was damn hard, just couldnt not use the car as it used to cause me heavy knee pain. I complained to Lathangi ford, and they replaced the "internal clutch system(as I understand it)" and gave it to me. I see that still there is very little improvement :(. I have now mailed Ford india about this complaint. Waiting for them to call me. Does any1 have any idea as to what could be done for this? Is any1 facing similar issue with the clutch????????

3) Hard gear - This goes with the clutch system, hence this too is hard.

Can anyone give me some advice as to what could be done for the above 3? else, I might have to consider selling the car.

Hoping for a reply (with a soln :) )



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I dont know whether the Clutch for Ikon is Wet or Dry. If Wet (as said by FRG), get the Clutch system bled and refilled. If dry then you will have to change the Clutch Release Bearing to make the Clutch Soft.


As for Heavy Steering, did you not Test Drive the Ikon before buying one?


Test Drive another Ikon (Especially the Demo Model) and check for Clutch Hardness and Heavy Steering.


If the Demo model has Light Steering, get the Power Steering System of your car checked for Correct Level of Oil and no air has been trapped in the system.


One of my uncle lives in Bangalore. I had a chance to drive his Ikon (Petrol 1.6) since there was an occasion in their home. I did not feel the Clutch Hard. And yes the Driving Experience was Nice.smiley2.gif

Just had one problem. The Stalks (Wiper and Headlight) are interchanged hence when I tried to turn the Headlights ON (Right Stalk) the wiper was switched ON. I did not know that Ikon has Stalks as per European Specs. So made this Silly mistake.smiley1.gif
sudeepd2009-10-13 08:53:17

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I got the car checked for the issues mentioned today, the problem for all of these is now solved. Got the clutch & the steering system bled and refilled. The gear box had some alignment issue I was told. Its been rectified. Thanks to all you guys for the info provided.

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